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One of the most interesting topics you will come across is about the VM Direct arguments that people are initiating online. There is nothing wrong with this discussion but you only want to know the honest truth about VM Direct and if it is viable for you.

In fact, let us switch that into high gear so that you can totally see the inner workings of VM direct. We will cover the 3 basic standpoints that are crucial for your final decision before joining this company. The other aspect is that you keep your mind open because I will be unbiased in this VM direct review.

1) The Core

At the very core of VM Direct is founders Craig Ellins and Amy Black. They had been doing the video streaming business back in 1996 but the problem was that the 9/11 incident shook them quite badly financially. This made them abandon their business for 2 months before VM Direct resurfaced.

In November 2001, VM Direct was launched with the help of Richard Kall. You would think that the VM Direct today has a network marketing system. This is correct and Richard Kall was an aggressive network marketer who brought this concept to Craig and Amy.

VM Direct has currently around 1 million customers using their products worldwide as HelloWorld customers. VM Direct Distributors account for approximately 15,000 and keeps growing.

2) Your VM Direct System

You can be sure that VM Direct offers a range of packages for their products which comes with a different price range. As a VM Direct customer you choose between $10-$40 monthly packages. Then, if you were to choose to be an independent retailer you pay between $80-$2,000 up front and monthly costs of $50-$200.

You get to offer VM direct services to your end customers services like video mail, live streaming media, pod casting, video blogging, video Instant Messenger, webmaster programs and other technical features. You can watch the emails, videos and live broadcasts straight from your computer.

Personally, I like the replicated website marketing strategy because it’s streaming video’s load up pretty fast. The presentation is not very direct marketing oriented but that is probably why they focus on network marketers to help them sell.

3) VMdirect’s Whole Truth

VM direct seems like a typical network marketing opportunity. Bluntly put you will be involved in a multi level marketing system. It doesn’t matter what you sell, you just need to create a buzz about something. That is why you will be focused on the opportunity rather than it’s products.

The more complicated and nearly unexplainable, the better, like quasi-pharmaceuticals, skincare treatments, ad museum. VM Direct is just the technology equivalent. You are basically using ‘lemming ware’.

You can do everything that VM direct products with “zero payment” software. They are generally much better. So, it’s not about the software, it’s about involving your friends and family and people around you in the ‘greed cocoon’. Hence, the cult-like atmosphere that surrounds the VM Direct marketing system. Scam or not, you could do better discovering other solid online marketing products that teaches and pays instantly.

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