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How Long Does it Take to Fix Air Conditioning: AC Repair Time Frames - Cool  Earth

Most homes in Gainesville, Florida, cannot function without the most contemporary innovation of all, the air conditioner, especially during the summer. If your equipment is not working properly, you will feel frustration and have questions such as how long it will take to repair your unit?”

Factors that we will discuss further in this post determine the answer to that question.

When your air conditioner fails, call a professional as soon as possible. If you wait, you will not only have to suffer in the heat, but the situation may worsen, causing you to spend much more on AC repair services or, worse, having to replace your unit.

Call Comfort Temp Heating & Air at (352) 376-2366 if you need AC repair in Gainesville, Jacksonville, or the surrounding areas. They’ve been providing cost-effective and efficient HVAC services in Gainesville, FL, since 1985.

Typical Air Conditioner Repair Time Frames

Most AC repairs fall into one of three categories: simple, minor, or major.

A simple AC problem may be rectified in minutes to an hour, while minor repairs take 3 to 4 hours, assuming no other issues are detected, and no particular AC parts are needed. In the worst-case scenario, days or even weeks of repair time may be required because of unforeseen circumstances.

Factors Affecting AC Repair Time

The severity of the AC problem

The severity of the issue is one of the most important variables that affects how long it takes to repair an air conditioning unit. It usually takes a few minutes to fix a minor issue. If the issue is more severe, such as a damaged evaporator coil or a leaky compressor, it can take several hours or even days to fix.

Regardless of how severe the AC issue is, the pros at Comfort Temp Heating & Air can complete the work promptly.

The type of AC

The type of air conditioner you have may also influence how long it takes to repair the problem. Central air conditioners and split-type air conditioners are more complex and can take longer to fix than window models. 

Technicians at Comfort Temp Heating & Air have decades of experience dealing with many types of AC, both old and new models, so you can be confident that they can help you fix your AC as promptly as possible.

The technician’s level of experience

If you are working with a less experienced technician, anticipate the repair taking longer. This considers the number of years of experience the technician has on AC repairs and if they have dealt with the issue you are having.

The professional personnel at Comfort Temp Heating & Air have decades of experience working with different AC repairs in Gainesville, FL, so they can usually complete most problems as quickly as possible.

Whether or not the required repair parts are available

In some repair scenarios, replacing a specific component may be necessary. If the required parts are readily available, the repairs can be completed pretty quickly. However, it can take several days for the repairs to be finished if replacement parts required by the technician need to be ordered. Older units may be more difficult to work on since parts may be harder to find or less compatible with newer models.

House’s layout

Because of the differences between every home, every AC service in Gainesville, FL is unique. It’s hard to find a house with the same repair plan and style. Home settings are always different and require different repair processes.

The time to repair an AC depends on how easy it is to reach. Technicians may need some time to locate the AC’s problem if large furniture or other structures blocks it.


The technicians at Comfort Temp Heating & Air can help with any AC repairs your system might need! To give you an exact estimate of how long the air conditioning repair will take, a certified repair professional may come out and have a look at your unit.

Since we’ve been in business for over 35 years, we’ve had the privilege of serving Gainesville, Jacksonville, and the surrounding areas. We’d be pleased to handle all of your HVAC in Gainesville, FL, starting with routine inspections.

Comfort Temp Heating & Air aims to assist you in creating the coziest environment possible. Call them at (352) 376-2366 right away if you need an AC replacement or repair today!

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