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Do Photos and Floorplans Help Sell Properties Quickly?

It is so important to use floorplans and photos when you are marketing any property. There has been little change, however, despite the wealth of choices available to start-ups like PropTech in the UK.

Most have standard listings, and floorplans are considered to be an excellent way to market your property quickly .

So why are floorplans necessary, along with photos, if you want to sell a property?

Advantages of a Floorplan

  • Ensures brand presence
  • Increases the probability of getting qualified leads and improves transparency
  • Increases the potential interest in a property using photos and excellent marketing materials
  • Portrays the best potential for any property, especially in the minds of potential buyers.

Despite all of this common sense, missing floorplans, as well as terrible photography, often feature in failed listings along with inaccurate details.

Floorplans may not provide enough information, and this is always going to impact those that could be potentially interested.

The best approach is often ignored; there are many reasons why this could be so.

Why Do Some Property Listings Not Have Detailed Floorplans or Good Photos?

  • Poor communication is one reason that this can occur
  • Bad lighting or terrible weather can also prevent photos from being taken
  • The people in charge of the listing may be inexperienced or may simply lack having the best equipment
  • Those placing the listings may not have the time to make floorplans.

Here are a few tips on how you can potentially sell your property using these operational points that work.

Photography Tips for Estate Agents

Although we understand that horrible photos can be avoided, there are countless examples of these on the web.

It is so important to have visual content when you are marketing online, yet most estate agents use their own photos instead of working with a professional.

There are core principles that need to be followed which involve preparation. These will include:

  • Take up to 10 inside shots and three on the outside of the home
  • The pictures need to be taken at different angles
  • Photography equipment, such as using ultra wide angle lenses with a DSLR camera can really improve the quality of the photos used
  • It is important to prepare the site and understand the layout
  • Staging the property is optimally important, which means you must contact the homeowner to clean up everything before you arrive.

These are the basics of proper photography, and the next area revolves around floorplans.

Proper Tips for Drawing Floorplans

What can make an enormous difference is the use of proper floorplans. When you have the floorplans drawn, the pencil should be sharp, engineering paper should be used, plus you will need the following:

  • Use a laser measuring device for accuracy
  • Make your measurements consistent
  • Add distinct details about the windows, swing direction of the doors, and information about permanent fixtures
  • Always use the proper symbols
  • Do a final check on the floorplans before using them

Do Photos and Floorplans Actually Contribute to Selling Properties More Efficiently?

When you are using a two-dimensional floor plan sketch, and you have put in phenomenal effort, it is going to be less effective than a 3D floor plan every time.

Is PropTech the Answer You Are Looking For?

People that are stakeholders in property need to market using tech solutions such as utilising fully edited images and proper floorplans, as provided by Fourlabs. Vendors, service providers, photographers, and estate agents should look for these types of alternative solutions in order to get the best results.

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