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Zaful: A success story with a twist

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Fashion is invariably a mix of style and substance. Ever since online shopping has come across as a substantial player in the retail industry, we have observed that a few of the brand names tend to have a much higher fan following and sales as compared to their competitors. The same trend can be observed across the retail industry in general, and a few of the brand names always rule the roost.

It hence comes by as a matter of surprise when a rising player performs well enough, in line with major, established brands.

A few of the top retail apparel brands have gained their popularity stemming from the fact that they sell clothing across many categories, offer good variety and are easier to browse. Selecting multiple search categories is easier, and hence, a customer can shop for all their desired goods at the same dedicated shop.

It hence takes quite a bit of skill to give competition to megabrands. Zaful is a brand that has managed to do the same, and a look into their strategies hence comes by as a very interesting topic.

Zaful has been in business since 2013 and is based out of Hong Kong. They give out some serious discounts on their products. They have a nice variety available, and the prices are in sync with the customers’ preferences.

At Zaful, one comes across a range of men’s and women’s accessories and swimwear.

Everything in the world can do well with some improvement, and Zaful seems to be on the same lines. To get a deeper insight into the same, one must know what people think of Zaful. Zaful generally has some positive customer reviews and some negative customer reviews, each of which makes Zaful’s story all the more unique.

One of the reasons why consumers are fond of Zaful is that the brand provides one of a kind customer service. They return or exchange the items if they happen to be damaged or defective. One has a replacement at hand within 45 days of sourcing the product and can apply for a refund as well.

Similarly, discounted prices amuse consumers and the brand runs discount promo codes from time to time.

However, several people have the opinion that Zaful’s customer service is slow. They take days to respond to emails and are not able to entertain too many people over online chat support. Refunds are then slower going by consumers’ preferences. There are cases wherein orders are lost.

People also believe that Zaful is a fine brand for retail shopping only, and not for wholesale shopping. They do not give out discounts when a customer shops for multiple items of clothing.

While they got a reasonable bit of variety, it is lagging as compared to the variety available at Chinabrands and Aliexpress. They are more deeply focused on swimwear.

Zaful’s shipping times often vary between 6-10 days, depending on the part of the world they’re going to ship. While the brand does offer promo discount codes, the feature is more versatile at Amazon. One hence feels that strong marketing tactics are one of the keys to Zaful’s grand online success.




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