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You Cannot Buy a Starbucks Franchise – Choosing Coffee House Franchise Options


Even though Starbucks is closing 800 stores right now and may add many more to its drop lists, many folks still want to buy a Starbucks Franchise. Only one problem with that idea or dream; Starbucks is not a Franchising Company or a Franchisor. They DO NOT sell franchises.

Yes, they have licensed out their brand to other companies and you can buy Starbucks Coffee is Barnes and Noble Bookstores and some of the Grocery Stores have coffee bars that sell the Starbucks Brand. You will also find Starbucks Brand licenses in Airports and Toll Ways, but these are not franchises as we might think as a consumer observing these stores.
However, if you are looking for a coffee house franchise, you are in luck, as there are several very good coffee house franchises available. Since there are many such franchisors in this niche, you have a lot of choices and these franchisors are quite competitive on their franchise fees, royalty payment requirements and the costs of the “must purchase” items from the franchising company.
With Starbucks removing non-performing stores from their ranks, this will leave some holes in the market for new franchisees to run through. Plus, it proves that Starbucks is not the 800-pound gorilla that is unstoppable. Thus, a strong franchise outlet could compete directly with them and still survive in a local market.
Some have previously called Starbucks predatory as they would put their new locations across the street from their competitors, but it appears that they are changing their tactics now and much more worried about McDonald’s Coffee bars which will be opening rather than the little guy or local neighborhood franchisee coffee shop. So, a coffee house just might be in your future.

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