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World’s Largest Airliner Not Safe, Should Not Be Allowed to Fly in United States Territories

Many of my friends think I’m crazy because I travel so much, and they think I’m even more nuts when I request a Boeing airliner to fly on. But I assure you I am not crazy, I am not ignorant, and I sure the heck am not stupid. The reality is that Boeing makes a superior airliner in every regard. And I will not fly on any other airliner unless I absolutely have to. You see, I don’t feel those airliners are safe, or anything compared to a Boeing aircraft.

Yes, I pretty much know what I’m talking about, I am a pilot, and I started my first aircraft operations washing business when I was 12 years old. I’ve been around aviation all my life I know exactly what I’m talking about. The reality is that one airliner manufacturer that I know of in the EU makes airliners that are not safe, and we keep seeing examples of this with the various crashes around the world. Yes, its true occasionally someone does something stupid and also crashes a Boeing airliner, but it’s not that often, and it’s almost always 100{f08ff3a0ad7db12f5b424ba38f473ff67b97b420df338baa81683bbacd458fca} pilot error.

The Air France crash which fell into the ocean on its way from Brazil to France was a terrible catastrophe, and it was because the way the aircraft was designed (It was not Air France’s fault and it’s crew were just as much victims as those passengers on that fateful day) and how its computer system works. It isn’t an aircraft I would want to be flying on, but it was made by this particular company in the EU. Now then, if you’ll recall a Qantas Airliner that lost an engine on takeoff in Singapore, the media made it sound like no big deal, oh but it was. Of course, it was not Quantas Airlines fault, rather it was faulty equipment they were flying. The passengers on that plane didn’t know how close they came from dying that day, and probably neither did the pilots until they were on final approach. This aerospace operations was billed as a great airliner, and is known as the largest passenger aircraft in the World, also built by the same company.

What bothers me is the media has whitewashed what really happened. Yes, the Trent Series 900 jet engine did have a problem, but the airframe should have easily withstood that, but what happened after that was very scary. It turns out when that engine came apart, it caused damage throughout the airliner, some damage so severe that it’s lucky those pilots got the airplane back of around in one piece. There was fuel leaking everywhere, and they didn’t have the thrust reversers, use of the flaps and slats, or the braking needed to safely land the airplane.

Further, they were unable to dump the excess fuel, and they landed the aircraft extremely heavy and they used all 4 km of the runway, almost every inch of it to get that airliner stopped. If that airliner would’ve skidded off the runway, and knowing that it was full of fuel, and leaking like a sieve, it could have easily caught fire, exploded, and killed everyone onboard. If you don’t know much about the the largest passenger aircraft airliner ever built by that particular airliner manufacturing comapny, you might want to do your homework before flying on one in my opinion.

Thus, I asked today; is this really the largest airline passenger aircraft in the world, or the largest death trap in the world? You decide, but I sure will not fly on one. There was an interesting article about this which appeared over a week after the accident in the Herald Sun on November 12, 2010, “Stricken Qantas A380 Jet Was Full of Holes” written by Geoff Easdown. In reading this article, which I highly recommend, you will know just how badly damaged that aircraft components was from one engine going out, it nearly crashed on landing, and killed everybody.

Perhaps, it is for this reason that I would like the Federal Aviation Administration to do the right thing and ban all of these aircraft from entering US airspace. In fact, this airliner should not be able to fly over any populated areas – I am serious because, well, because it is that serious. We do not need a major airline disaster of that magnitude to happen on US soil. The airline industry as it is, is already trying to rebound from the terrible global economic crisis. Not to mention the fact that everyone is upset with the TSA for their strip-tease backscatter x-ray screeners.

When we as Americans do not deserve to be subjected to flying on an airliner which might kill us, or the citizens on the ground should not be subjected to one of the largest aircraft ever built crash landing on top of their home, school, or business. The Federal Aviation Administration should do the right thing, I am calling for an immediate ban on the largest passenger aircraft in the world from entering US airspace, or flying over land.

Likewise, passengers should be warned that they could die if they get on one of these airliners, we issue travel advisories all the time when people are in danger flying to other countries which are unsafe, we should also issue a warning if they get one of these airliners – they’re taking their lives in their own hands. Please consider all this.

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