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Why You Should Replace Windows to Get Winter Ready


What are the Benefits of Changing Your Windows?

With the winter season on the way, we all know that it is going to get cold. Cold weather can cause cracks on your windows because it weakens the glass. If you have old windows when winter finally arrives, this is a risk for you and anyone else in the house. It is advisable to replace the windows and guarantee a warm and safe cold season. Sometimes old windows may let in drafts of cold air from the outside. Replacing your windows means that you will not have to deal with the chances that your heating bills will increase as you try to get the house warm. Well-fitted windows can keep all the cold air out and the warm air inside, making the house comfortable.

Here are some recommendations for window replacements.

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is a good idea for homes that can be challenging to instal new windows. These are such as traditional homes or buildings that are listed in conservation areas. It prevents you from having to do an entire replacement. Secondary glazing incorporates aluminium frames that are strong and long-lasting so the process could benefit you for a long time to come. The frames can be installed in such a way that they slide out vertically or horizontally, as well as units that are hinged, lift out, and fixed.

What are the Benefits of Secondary Glazing?

  • Secondary glazing is a good way to ensure you get rid of the draughts of cold air getting into the house.
  • It is a great way to soundproof your home. With the extra materials installed, there will be a considerable reduction of noise.
  • Secondary glazing also keeps in the heat and provides extra security for your home

Triple Glazing

Triple glazing is also another technique that you can use when you are thinking about window replacement. In recent years, thermal efficiency has been one of the key issues that building regulations look at. The U-Value is the method that is used to determine the energy performance of windows, roofs, walls, and floors. The U-Value of windows reduces over time because the windows become less efficient. Windows with single glazing have an excess U-Value of 5, but when there is double glazing done earlier on, the number reduces to 3. However, this value decreases from overtime to 1.1. Triple glazing has an average U-Value of 0.6 hence it is a better method of providing insulation for your home.

Other Benefits of Triple Glazing Are:

  • Extra security for the house due to the extra pane with hardened glass.
  • Improved heating inside the house, attributed to the glass that is low emission as it has a thin coating included for this reason.

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium is a material that is preferred by most construction industries because it is light in weight, strong, and durable. Many professionals recommend aluminium for patio doors in homes and even curtain walling skyscrapers. Although most architects use aluminium doors and windows for commercial properties, the material is becoming common with homeowners as well. That aluminium is a recyclable material has a lot to do with this shift, as well as being one of the most sustainable materials. For instance, during the demolishing of Wembley Stadium, almost a hundred per cent of the aluminium was reclaimed and recycled.

Aluminium has also become an option for thermal insulation because of the advancements that have been made in polyamide technology. Aluminium windows and doors provide thermal insulation using this way as a barrier from the cold.


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