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Why Pick Welding As Your Job For Life?

Why Pick Welding As Your Job For Life?

What will you be doing when you are grown up? Will you be a Fire-Fighter? Or maybe an Astronaut?

Whatever you may choose, if you are smart and lucky enough to select your job for life something you enjoy doing, then you will not be working, you will be playing! But of course, how can you know that beforehand?

You can if you start at the earliest possible age to look around, to see what happens, to ask people what they do for a living, and to ask yourself what would please you doing.

It is quite common that children go after their parents in the selection of their job. That is because the opportunity is there to learn along the years what that job is all about and to get familiar with all aspects of its day to day practice.

Welding, a profession I happen to know one or two things about, is a collection of many activities quite different from each other, which have in common some connection to the main purpose of manufacturing parts by joining materials.

In the present global situation, welding is a much requested occupation because there is a lack of skilled welders. Therefore the time is right for getting instruction and training at the best conditions, through several promotional programs sponsored by educational institutions, industry associations and even trade unions, mostly with a guaranteed employment after graduation or certification.

For anybody attracted by technical subjects, this profession has many advantages in that it presents many levels of knowledge and skills that may appeal to a young person. Therefore a position at a certain point in time can be an exceptional starting point for learning and doing something new, where the previous experience is a precious asset and a foundation for the new job.

It may be an enviable advantage to start by learning the manual skills of the profession as a welder in one of the different most used processes. Whatever the further advancement, the basic experience acquired through hard work will stand forever as invaluable experience.

From there on many avenues are open, with suitable study and proper training, to operating automatic equipment, to supervisory positions, to any of the possible inspection and testing jobs, to education and training of new welders, to sales representatives for manufacturers and suppliers, to advanced posts of technical and engineering responsibilities.

The welding profession is rapidly changing. New processes, new materials, new applications are constantly being studied and developed because industry and progress require solutions to more challenging goals.

For the alert person, the chance of being involved in something new and important may become reality, just by being at the right time in the right place.

Welding is a profession that can give real satisfaction to young people that, knowing their tendencies and their ambitions, are willing to engage seriously in learning and advancing their capabilities.

After having explored how they will grow in it, and after having satisfied themselves that they know what they are doing, they may select it confidently. It is a challenge with rich rewards for the right persons. Can it be for you?

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