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Virus fear: Jackfruit’s market share jacks up as poultry takes a hit


As the coronavirus outbreak impacts the sale of poultry, jackfruit (“kathal”) is emerging as a preferred alternative according to media reports.

Jackfruit is now selling at ₹120 per kilogram, more expensive than the standard price of ₹80 for chicken. The prices of jackfruit have witnessed an increase of more than 120 per cent over the normal ₹50 per kg.

Rumours regarding the role of poultry in spreading coronavirus have hit the sector hard with Indian poultry sales declining by over 50, according to a Reuters published in February.

This was due to a false rumour that the coronavirus can be contracted through chickens being circulated on social media, the report said.

The Indian poultry sector is headed for a crisis as consumption of chicken meat and eggs are constantly declining. Farmers are incurring a loss of ₹100-130 on every bird according to previous reports.

Poultry players have started cutting down on production to trim losses, the report said.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in India has surpassed 60, according to reports.


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