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Video Blogging And Its Advantages

Similar to other forms of blogging, video blogging (vlog) utilises videos accompanied by images and supporting text to communicate. Either you host your video or employ free services such as Vimeo, Youtube to host your content. The videos you publish are available to the public. The public participates and engages by rating, commenting on and sharing the videos. The substantial difference is that the medium used to share is video rather than text.

Advantages of Using Video Blogging:

Based on your strategy you can upload videos on free hosting platforms such as Vimeo, Youtube (has a few restrictions), Metacafe etc. or else you can host the videos on your blog and give other parties the rights to embed the videos on their platforms leading to higher publicity for your videos and brand. Despite this, you still need to have adequate fluency in spoken English to be able to create a comprehensive strategy based on video marketing for your video blog.

Corporations and advertising agencies usually engage contractors to generate high-quality video content and video production. With this in mind, you can follow a similar plan for your video blog by publishing educative content that attracts traffic.

Videos have a higher likelihood of becoming viral as compared to text. Recently, there have been video spams published on Facebook. They appeared like genuine videos to watch but this was not the case. In comparison, no text spam has had the reach of video spam. This conclusively shows that people will gravitate towards watching Facebook videos rather than reading text. This tactic, when employed in marketing a blog, can lead to outstanding results. So why not follow this path? A majority of web companies host their videos on their YouTube channels. This helps them in building brand awareness, marketing their products and generating web traffic from potential customers. This facilitates user engagement especially on YouTube where users are more active than on any other social site.

Interactive and descriptive:

Video blogs are more engaging and illustrative. By using the right visuals and editing content properly to produce quality videos you can provide your audience with rich content. Video blogging cultivates your persuasion skills and helps you to convert most of your prospects. Convincing your viewers will lead to higher sales.

Excellent for Tutorials:

Videos optimise tutorial blogs. Usually, tutorial blogs in text format have pages and pages of information. Rather than using lengthy texts to teach you can produce videos containing the relevant subject matter. Videos will keep your viewers active and engaged. Most of the time I prefer video to text tutorials. Whenever I browse for GIMP (editing tool) on the internet I prefer to view videos rather than read the text. The main reason is that video bloggers can perform a demonstration of what they are teaching.

Live video Blogging:

As video technologies evolve and improve live blogging has become easier. People can live blog any event through the use of videos. This is commonly referred to as “live streaming”. Journalists and bloggers use this method of video publishing to disperse breaking news. This does not take as much effort and time as text. All that is required are excellent oral and speaking skills and then you can easily publish your video. But text blogging requires a lot of work and editing. You must go through multiple drafts to identify errors and refine the content.

Monetise Video:

Video ads are becoming more fashionable. Specifically, YouTube Instream ads have exploded in growth and are eliciting better responses. You can set up your unique platform for embedding ads on videos or you can register for a YouTube partnership program and reap the benefits of monetising your videos through Adsense.

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