Understanding Type 3 Insurance in Thailand

If you are living in Thailand or planning to do so and intend to drive, one of the first things you will have to arrange is car insurance. If you have done your research, you will know that there are different levels of car insurance that you can get, but we are going to talk about the most basic of these in insurance level 3 which translates as ประกันชั้น3 in Thai.


This level of insurance will give you the most basic protection when driving on the roads and is most suitable for older cars between the age of 4 and 15 years old. Anything newer than that and you are risking losing a lot of money on repairs should your vehicle be damaged.

What Level 3 Insurance Covers

As the most basic of car insurance, you are not going to be covered for much, but it will cover you enough to enable you to drive a vehicle on the road in the country.

  • Third-Party Bodily Injury
  • Third-Party Property Damage

The above is the only protection that level 3 insurance offers, and as you can see, you are only going to be covered for damage or injury to a third-party in an accident that is caused by you. Any damage to your own vehicle is not covered as well as an injury caused to yourself.

Perhaps Type 3+ Insurance Might Suit You Better?

If the protection that type 3 car insurance (ประกันชั้น3) gives you is a little too basic for your liking, you might prefer to get type 3+ insurance which offers a little bit more on top. This will at least give you some limited coverage for damage done to your own vehicle due to a collision.

This is still not great, but it does mean that you will be able to get damage up to a certain amount (depending on the insurance company) covered on your car which could save you some money if you do ever have an accident.

Still Not Enough?

If your vehicle is worth a lot of money or you would just feel better off with more protection, you could also consider getting type 2 or even the most comprehensive cover with type 1 insurance in Thailand. Both of these, in particular, the latter will provide better cover for any damage as well as other things such as window breakages, towing expenses and even damage due to natural disasters such as flooding.

Whichever type of insurance you do go for in Thailand, make sure you shop around before deciding on an insurer as they are far from being equal. There are some great deals to be found if you take the time to look.