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Hello from London. In this edition, we welcome submissions from business schools, their alumni and incubators for the FT/IFC transformational business awards, and showcase articles on upskilling and new research on the importance of emotions.

Research insights

Leaders who prioritise the emotions of their employees are 2.5 times more likely to be successful than those who don’t, according to a new study by EY and Oxford university’s Saïd Business School. Research among 935 senior leaders and direct reports as well as 1,127 employees from 23 countries and 16 industry sectors. Two-thirds of respondents said they had experienced at least one underperforming business transformation project in the last five years.

Looking for transformational businesses

Entries are invited for the FT/IFC transformational business awards. We are seeking submissions by 31 July for companies and initiatives created since 2016 with annual revenues of at least $3mn or a capital base of at least $5mm.

Categories are for companies making a difference to human capital, climate change, finance and gender-lens finance. There is also recognition on new deep tech ideas with the potential, with additional funding, to have a transformational impact.

Message in a chart

The FT’s business education team has reported that gender equality in MBA courses is progressing slowly. Imbalances persist in MiF programmes.

Since 2017, MiF intakes have been around 40 per cent female, dropping as low as 35 per cent in 2021. Of the schools featured in this year’s ranking, only three reported more female students than male students, while 28 reported a cohort of two-thirds or more male students.

In 2017, the gender pay gap for MiF alumni was $13,000. It has increased to $17,000 and largest for alumni working in capital markets and investment banking at over $20,000.

Further analysis of this year’s ranking can be found here.

This week’s reading

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