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Tips for Creating Your Professional Online Presence Using a Word Press Blog

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Do you want to start an online business? Do you want to make money on the internet? Or are you looking to establish a professional online presence? You must read this post if you only replied YES to these entire question. I want you to take a moment to pause, take a deep breath, and forget about your plans to go online. I want you to let go of all your worries and doubts. So go ahead and close your eyes and inhale deeply. Okay, that’s fine! You must feel relieved now that you know what you felt when you first went online was false. Making a website is not difficult at all. It only takes a desire to learn on your part. Consider a Sitehome host when you were uncertain of yourself about something you were tempted to do, and you were surprised by how simple it was until you took charge and did it. That is precisely how you can build your Word Press blog, my friends. These are the steps to building a professional online identity. All of these will be addressed in greater detail further down. You have the choice of doing something for free or paying a small fee to stand out from the crowd.

1. What’s the name of the domain you’re going to use?

2. Where will it be held?

3. What kind of theme are you going to go with?

4. How can you make an impression on the internet; what will you write about?

5. Add the finishing touches

What’s the name of the domain you’re going to use 

If at all possible, I recommend using your name as the name of your website. This is the most effective way to start building a professional online presence. If the web is about you, it makes sense to call it Certain names may not be available at all times. When I first started creating a professional online presence for myself, my name was not available. This is the case if you decide to buy a domain name.

Where will it be held?

‘Virtual Real-Estate,’ as I like to term it, is hosting your website. You have the luxury of living in the suburbs or the Hamptons… in one of your nearest projects or in one of your uptown neighborhoods. And you make your decision on where you want to live. When I say ventures, I’m referring to the free hosting options available at sites like and, to name a few. View it as if you were renting an apartment. You’re limited in what you can accomplish.

What kind of theme are you going to go with?

Themes are nothing more than sketches. Themes are what make your professional online presence stand out. There are various themes from which to choose. You have a list of free themes and a list of paying themes. For the time being, a free theme will do before you can afford a premium theme.

How can you make an impression on the internet; what will you write about?

This is a simple one! Make a story about YOU! What do you like doing? What do you know about a specific subject? Write about what piques your attention and gets you excited. When YOU recognize the meaning of this, you will find a rise in the number of people who are interested in learning more about YOU and your professional presence online.

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