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The Snow Ball Psychological Techniques of Mass Media Brain Washing Effect


My recent research on Freud’s theory of mind control shocked me, the techniques that are now used by advertising agencies, politicians and public relations for over 100 years to inject fear and pleasure as a psychological drug to create slave employees, increase massive traffic of consumerism in the world of so called democracy.

Mass Media Brain Washing Techniques

The Freudian theory about the unconscious mind, and the hidden starving zombie inside each of us, can be activated by repetition display of advertising, to drill the unconscious mind, the giant zombie within, currently known as ‘the genius within the consequences of both self help programming or media control programming depend on the kind of hot syntax and imagery used to unleash the genius, or if you are exposed to advertising propaganda and public relations programming, you don’t unleash your genius within, you submit your genius, your creativity, your intelligence to those in power.

Intelligence Bankruptcy

So, mind control agencies use similar and carefully crafted pieces of Freudian theory for specific function that benefit the governments, the military, insurance companies, and world banks. If the psychology of repetition is used to advance the evolution of mankind, so be it, because, the techniques are not all that bad, and it has many beneficial advantages. However, because the 97% of the world population are not even using 1% of their psychology to get the edge, the power is left to the rich and powerful to control the masses.

Inside each of us lie the hidden irrational forces of fear, or pain and pleasure. It is these two devices, that the propaganda policy makers, PR, Media, and advertising agencies take advantage of when there is new policy to be introduced, increase in prices and taxes. They use hot syntax to manipulate the unconscious mind, and once the hot syntax spread the semantics ( meaning) through fear and pleasure, designed to sedate the conscious mind, and then access the unconscious, so that you submit to new policies, new taxes, new prices, and more control of your privacy thus preventing campaign or riot, in other words suppressing freedom of speech, without your knowledge.

Torture & Freedom Marketing Technique

Take for example, the history of tobacco, and how the PR agencies brain washed women into starting smoking, because they used the ‘hot syntax’ torture and freedom’ they have touched on the irrational factor of the human being, ‘desire and emotion, for women, ‘ cigarette was a symbol of equality, that just by smoking a cigarette, women felt equal to men, and that is how the tobacco industry is now a multi billion dollars industry. The unconscious mind can be trained to do anything despite your rational mind, but for those who are not training the mind to meet their full potential, are leaving their unconscious mind in the hand of their masters. If you think you are a free sovereign, think again.

Passive Consumers

We are no longer citizens living in a world of democracy, we are turned into consumers, consumers led to the creation of a stock market boom, and this gave massive opportunity for banks to get you into buying shares, applying for loans and credit cards. This is what I call, The Snow Ball Psychological Techniques of Mass Media Brain Washing Effect. This is how the masters treat citizens, not as active citizens, but as passive consumers, this is what PR agencies, particularly in America, “the key to control, in a mass democracy”

When you hear the media politicians talking about ‘people are in charge what they truly mean is that people’s desire is in control, that is the difference. As long as massive advertising, as long as the Spamming virus of television and giant billboards exist, people’s decision making power is hijacked by the irrational emotional desires that the media controls. The masses don’t make decision based on their intellectual power, but make decision based on their emotional reaction buried deep in the unconscious mind.

Why You Never Followed through that Business Concept?

If employer gets you to wake up so early in the morning, wearing that uniform you were told to wear, be at your desk at specific time, and work all the way to the graveyard, for what? for a little reward that your unconscious accepted as the only option or die. The only system you can change is your belief system, and that can only be done, when you commit to treating your unconscious mind as a baby who needs to learn how to walk the right way, as opposed to the way you are carried by the unconscious starving emotions, and this requires daily MindGym training to rid yourself of the software of sabotaged belief system polluted with fears, worries inject in you by media propaganda advertising, mass received opinions, religion and cults.

Get The Edge

Just think of how you would feel to face your fears, uncertainties, doubts, procrastination, laziness, hidden depression, and defy them all, when you step up with all your might, your true powerful hidden self, and arrive at the finish line of success to become a winner, the best you can be, super fit, healthier, happier, and richer beyond your wildest dreams.

Become a seeker of practical knowledge, a lover of wisdom, in order to attract luck and become a winner, as opposed to being at the mercy of your masters. As long as you remain a loyalist to your masters, you will always remain a slave, chained by your hijacked unconscious mind. The only way to convince you that your intelligence is being hijacked is when you look around the country, in every single country, there is not single MindGym for the unconscious programming, but there are millions of physical fitness centres around the world, and ignoring the most important organ and power of the universe, The mind.

Freud’s Theory of Mind Control

Please note that I have mentioned Freud’s theory that does not mean I am in favor of his theory. He spoke hotly about sexual energy should be controlled, but then, he counseled his daughter Anna Freud about her sexual fantasies, and for someone who never had a sexual life, the father is counseling her about something she never tried. Another point about Freud is that he smoked heavily, a tobacco addict, and has the audacity to speak about addictions. In my mind, he was an intellectual and not an emotionally intelligent being. I find most of his theories controlling rather than liberating. Anna Freud appears to be a cold-hearted woman, managed to promote her father’s work, and continued to practice psychoanalysis.

I would rather be brain washed by a program that allows me to make free choices, that allows me to overcome my irrational desires, and television addiction that sabotage the brain and the life of TV addicts. But, thanks to NLP, we are now witnessing a real shift in consciousness, freeing people to become their full potential. When clients come to see me about their struggles, my role is to inspire, motivate, empower individuals to take control of their thinking, and feeling, and to unleash their own master within, so that they become free sovereign. The role of a coach or a mentor is to demonstrate sensitivity to encouraging openness to diverse perspectives, and to leveraging diversity.

Advertise Yourself

Learn to advertise what you desire to become, what you desire to create, and what you desire to receive. This is your life, and you must live it as you see fit. May You Remain a Seeker of Practical Knowledge, The Lover of Wisdom, and a Free Sovereign, blessed and a blessing to mankind.

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