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Above all, a curriculum vitae serves to obtain a job interview! A good CV must be clear, precise, unique and perfectly adapted to each job offer. For this purpose, you must take care of both the content and the form. It is essential to submit an attractive and relevant CV because it will be the first document that the recruiter will see and even more.

How a CV is Sent?

Whoever is the responsible for recruiting (Human Resources Director, Recruiting Officer, Temporary Agency Assistant, Consultant, General Manager, etc.), they can receive a CV in various ways:

  • In response to an advertisement: the need for recruitment is then identified, the criteria have been carefully established and the recruiter only has to sort the CVs according to their consistency with the determined profile.
  • By spontaneous application: there is no defined need. The person who are looking for a job, internship or work-study program decides to target a certain number of companies and make themselves known to them by means of a spontaneous job application. The recruiter will then analyze the CV and decide if the profile of the person is in line with his company and with a possible position that there would be to fill in the more or less long term.
  • By network: in there is no defined need either. A supervisor, a colleague, a relative or a friend propose the CV of an acquaintance looking for a job and asked the recruiter to study his candidacy for a possible position he might have to fill.

What Happens to your CV after You Send your Application?

Once the CVs have been received and processed, recruiters will classify them in three piles:

  • pile of “yeses” are the ones who caught their interest and whom he will soon call for an interview.
  • The “maybe” pile consists of the resumes that may interest them but do not have all the required criteria. Therefore, they reserve the right to be able to contact them later.
  • The pile of “no” is the CV that does not correspond to the established need or the profiles recruited by his company.

Anyway, the main goal is to give your CV the maximum chances of being positioned on the “yes” column, even on that of “maybe”, but to avoid at all costs that of “no” for trivial mistakes that you could have avoided. For the form, you can check a CV template list online and choose the most relevant and catchy one.

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