You have one month to file an objection. It must be sent in writing to the responsible tax office. After the deadline, the tax assessment is considered final. A change is then hardly possible.

Objection period expired

But what happens when the deadline is up? If you missed the deadline through no fault of your own, it is possible to submit an application for reinstatement in the previous state. This is conceivable if the person concerned was on vacation for a long time or the notification was lost in the mail.

If it turns out that the notification contains a typo or an obvious error, an application for a change to a final tax assessment is necessary. Under certain circumstances, this is also successful when in retrospect more revenue will be determined or related expenses have been forgotten are.

Help with the tax return: These are the right contacts

If you have any questions about the tax return, there are essentially two contact persons who can help you. On the one hand, a tax advisor can give you tips on tax returns or prepare them for you.

But they can not only advise you on your income tax return, but also discuss with you in advance how you can best save taxes. If there is a dispute with the tax office, the tax advisor can represent you before the tax court.

The support of a tax advisor is especially important if you can deduct a lot from the tax, for example because you lease or rent real estate. For a trader, help with annual financial statements and bookkeeping can also be of interest. Make use of the affordable tax service  there.

  • If your tax assessment for your tax return is incorrect, you have one month to object to it. The tax office then receives the income tax return from the tax advisor, so that you have nothing to do with it yourself. If there are any questions, the authorities immediately contact the tax advisor.
  • If private individuals, such as employees, pensioners or retirees, need support, the income tax aid association can help out. He has consultants on hand throughout Germany and prepares tax returns for members.
  • The focus is also on year-round advice on income tax and checking the tax assessment.

Do I have to file a tax return?

The income tax aid association or a tax advisor can answer these and other questions. The income tax relief association takes care of the tax return for employees and pensioners, provided you are a member. If you have your own company, we recommend going to a tax advisor.