The Tea Board has announced that the district average price for the green leaf of the small growers in The Nilgiris district during March will be ₹21.05 a kg. This is a record price fixed for the month of March all these years.

Tea Board’s Executive Director M Balaji said that this was fixed based on the consolidated auction price of CTC teas from bought leaf factories in February.

He said that all bought leaf factories should adhere to this price while buying green leaf from small growers in March.

He has instructed all field officials to ensure that no factory in their jurisdiction paid less than this price to the growers this month.

This price is 60 paise less than the price fixed for last month. However, the price is significantly more compared to March last year when the price was ₹12.26. This increase of ₹8.79 marked a whopping increase of as much as 72.29 per cent.

Hence, compared to this time last year, growers will now get about ₹ 36 more for every kg of manufactured tea this month because four kgs of green leaf are generally used to manufacture one kg of made tea.

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