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Suzuki Supersport Motorbikes: Power and Innovation

Suzuki Supersport Motorbikes: Power and Innovation

Launched in 1952, Suzuki motorbikes have occupied a prestigious place in the industry for some time. A maker that has secured many reputable titles, Suzuki is perhaps best known for its superb supersport motorcycles.

While it produces various other series, its supersport selection undoubtedly attracts an incredible amount of attention, while Suzuki’s racing team is known for producing excellent results.

Indeed, its supersport racing commands a huge following, with some of its bikes being ranked among the best on the track and on the road. So, whether you’re a racer or a dedicated enthusiast, Suzuki bikes deserve your attention – particularly as several of their designs have made waves in this racing genre.

Among them is the Supersports Hayabusa GSX1300R. A previous model in the Hayabusa line shot this series into fame when a new supersports category was created following its release – ultimate supersports.

This immensely powerful motor is therefore something of a benchmark among keen riders and it boasts an array of excellent features that make for a superior experience on the track.

For example, its display includes a selection of clocks that provide riders with indicators of the bike’s performance – something that can be invaluable during a race. Meanwhile, it is fitted with Suzuki clutch assist, which gives riders the opportunity to release a controlled burst of power. It does so by channelling energy directly to the rear wheel for an extra injection of oomph.

So, riders looking for an explosive combination of power, control and speed are likely to find the Supersports Hayabusa GSX1300R an excellent choice.

Another high-performance ride produced by Suzuki, the GSX-R1000 is a model that has seen many alterations over the years. Indeed, it is constantly being tweaked based on feedback from the company’s racing team – something that might indicate just how well it could cater for a dedicated racer’s needs.

And this attention to detail appears to have paid off, with the GSX-R1000 consistently producing strong performances on the racetrack.

The latest version of this model boasts a range of practical and impressive improvements, including a redesigned chassis to improve the bike’s handling around corners, as well as better traction when pulling out of them. Indeed, riders should find they are able to maintain their speed when racing around bends and then accelerate away smoothly.

What’s more, fully adjustable suspension and footpegs means you can tweak the bike to suit your personal riding style, as well as enjoy tighter control, increased comfort and reduced fatigue.

The GSX-R750 also ranks among Suzuki’s esteemed collection. Originally released in 1985, this model started its life with a bang by setting a new standard. The 2011 edition is fully updated for modern racing.

Among its impressive upgrades are an 8 kg reduction in weight and a ten per cent increase in fuel efficiency. Alongside these developments, riders will find Suzuki’s race-proven slipper-clutch in place, which can lend improved stability and grip.

All this is combined with the GSX-R750’s excellent, responsive handling, fantastic throttle response and linear power delivery to provide a high-performance, awe-inspiring machine.

Whether you’re simply looking for Suzuki parts or a brand new bike, you can trust that when it comes to power, speed and performance, this manufacturer won’t let you down.

And because it also produces cruisers, scooters, street bikes and 125cc motorcycles, you should be able to find something that suits your personal riding style.

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