Solar panel system needs maintenance to prolong its durability. Taking care of your solar panel can make your investment last longer. Although solar panels may last for 25 years, they can deteriorate if not taken care of. The good thing about solar panels is that they have low maintenance costs. Here are some maintenance procedures for a solar installation.

Step By Step Solar Panel Maintenance And Cleaning

Shut Down Solar Panel 

DC and Ac systems should be shut down properly to avoid any trouble when cleaning the solar panel. Shut down the system according to the instructions in your manual. Shutting it down can prevent accidents and will keep you safe as you clean your solar panel.

Disconnect or Block any Rain Water Connections

All water sources should be temporarily shut down to avoid rainwater entering the tank. 

Clean your Panels on the Ground 

If possible, it is recommended to clean your panels on the ground since it is safer this way. You can directly use a hose on your panels, or you can use one with the appropriate nozzles. 

Use Soft and Mild Cloth

Solar panels should be wiped with a soft or mild cloth to avoid scratching their surface. A soft brush can be helpful too, especially on the corners of the solar panel. Make sure to use the proper texture in cleaning your solar panel. 

Clean in Cold Day 

When the solar panel is hot and washed with cold water, then there’s a tendency to crack due to sudden changes in the temperature. And if the sun is hot, watermarks can be left behind after cleaning. Therefore, cleaning during a cold day is recommended.

What You’ll Need To Maintain Your Solar Panels?

Dealing with a trusted solar provider will be able to provide you with everything and every service you need for your solar panels. Regular annual inspections are usually done by your solar panel providers to check the condition of your solar panel and the whole system as well. Getting an annual check-up can assure you that everything is in good condition and that your solar panel system is working 100%. For cleaning, it should be done as needed. If you think you can not clean it by yourself, then don’t hesitate to call your solar technicians to do it for you. They are trained, and they have the equipment to use in cleaning your solar panels. 

What Is Generally Covered By Solar Panel Warranties? 

For warranties, there are two kinds:

Product Warranty 

This warranty covers the issues that would arise on the solar panel itself. For instance, if your solar panel becomes faulty, then your solar provider should replace it with a new one and shipping or delivery included. In the contract, check what is covered and not covered under warranty, so there will be no hassle in the future.  Make it a habit to read the coverage of the warranty before finalizing your purchase. 

Performance Warranty

This warranty covers the longevity of the product. Solar providers would give their warranty for 25 years on their clients since they know their solar panel efficiency can reach up that long.  A good quality solar panel should not lose more than 10-20% of its efficiency even if it is used for 25 years. Choosing a solar provider who can offer you a high-quality solar panel would be a wise move. Solar panels which can offer a 25 years warranty are a good choice because this means they are confident that their solar panels can indeed last that long. 

Knowing what to have on your solar system maintenance checklist can help you find a solar provider who is willing to render you service for the next 25 years or even more. Take note that solar panels are an investment, therefore they should be taken care of properly. The longer you can use them then it means the more you can save. Having a well-maintained solar panel can reward you in many ways. It will save you from having repairs as well as replacements. Repairs and replacement can be pricey, so you better make sure your solar panel is always in good condition, and you don’t have to worry about the damage it can sustain.