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The online arena is always changing and that is no different when it comes to social media. Algorithms tend to define how content is distributed and once almost everyone invests in the current trends, the algorithms change.

Well, as we usher in 2019, there are various social media aspects that are bound to be addressed, including tech advancements with artificial intelligence, messaging bots, privacy, political utilisation, mental health and so much more. In this read, we are going to discuss a few predictions in regards to the future of social media in 2019:

Stories Will Grow Further

‘Stories’ or the format of posting content that disappears after 24 hours burst into popularity in 2018 and we predict that it will continue to grow this year. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who recently said that they expect the platform’s news feed usage to reduce can evidence this.

As a result, he has instructed his teams to put a focus on creating features as well as advertisements for stories in 2019. The real question is whether the popularity of this form of content is genuinely popular, or a Facebook’s effort to make users on all its platforms to use it in an effort to increase their revenue this year.

Nano-Influencers Will Become More Prominent

We predict that there will be a rise in brands utilising Nano-influencers this year, particularly those with less than 10,000 followers. That’s because more and more businesses are beginning to realise that more followers don’t necessarily result in higher engagement levels.

Nano-influencers tend to be more genuine than those with several hundred thousand followers are. There are numerous people that work as ambassadors or brand representatives for firms. They get free products as well as payment to advertise or review the items and this enables brands to spend less on marketing compared to what they would on a conventional influencer.

In addition, Nano-influencers are more likely to accept such deals as they’re new in the arena and aren’t used to getting free products.

There Will Be Technological Advancement in the Social Media Space

Technology never stops advancing and as such, brands will need to be cleverer and more creative in how they put out their word on social media platforms. How are people going to visualise about quantum computing, tokenisation, internet of things security, machine learning, and neuro networks?

There is a huge need for creative visualisation and communication evolution so that the average individual can be educated on what is happening in the industry. This is imperative for brands that want to meet the content demand for social media platforms.

Segmented Social Media Video Will Become More Mainstream

Social media video is without a doubt the future of collaboration, real-time engagement, and education. It will become the closest task that we perform in real life, only with the constraints of physical location eliminated. Social media platforms are completely aware that if they are able to get social media video right, they will over future generations similar to how Television won over our parents. Video content creators like Fat Free Media are getting increasingly busy with social media video contents which is proof of the direction in which social media is heading.

With unparalleled targeting through social media, it is imperative that media companies and brands don’t take a one-fits-all approach with their social video campaigns. Relevance importance and knowing your audience plus the time that you’re trying to reach people will become more than just content personalisation. It will become content hyper-personalisation.

So, How Will These Social Media Predictions Help?

Of course, these are just predictions and only time will tell whether they will turn to reality. However, they give an insight into the path that technology, trends might shift, thus helping you prepare for strategies, and campaigns that will help you connect with your audience in a better manner.

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