During 2005, you’ll have the opportunity to capitalize on the excellent reputation you’ve built over the previous years. You’ve most likely become almost famous in your chosen field, proving that all of your hard work was well worth it. You’ll be able to resume your favorite pastimes, such as relaxation, pleasure, and fun, as early as January. You can do it in private if you want, my todays horoscope but that won’t be an issue. Unless you wish to be, you will not be alone. Money issues can be stressful, so make sure you have someone to talk to – someone you can trust. Then let it go and focus on the March 25th full Moon, which is expected to amp up the volume and intensity in your love life.

Don’t worry if you’re worried about settling down for the first time this spring. It’s important to remember that you may have a life and a relationship at the same time. All you have to do now is find the proper companion – someone who values freedom as much as you do. By the way, someone that fits that description could show up as early as May 23rd, so be prepared.

Summer’s astrological highlights will motivate you to master new abilities and pursue themes that have always piqued your attention.

You’ve always been a student, and you’ve always felt at ease in a classroom. Now is the time to make the most of it. The Full Moon on August 19th will motivate you to start or continue studying something you adore, and it would help if you were up and running by the end of September.

The upcoming eclipses in October will amp up the heat in all of your friendships, and one, in particular, may see a shift. So, if someone you’ve just thought of platonically suddenly starts making noises like they want a lot more from you, consider whether you’re ready for this — and whether you can go back to being friends if it doesn’t work out. The holidays appear to be fantastic.

 2005 Sagittarius career

The year 2005 falls under the sign of Sagittarius. Career

Why don’t you take a break now that you’ve gone so far? In January, take it easy on the career focus. Keep up the excellent job, but make an effort to regain some personal time in the process. If a financial difficulty arises, you’ll have to take the lead, but else everything should go smoothly. The March 25th full Moon symbolizes a return to the rat race; you won’t be able to help yourself as you get back into the swing of things.

Throughout the spring, you’ll feel at ease wherever you are, but it may feel strange not to be as restless as usual. Enjoy the peace while it lasts! The first week of May will be particularly beneficial to you, as you will feel grounded and capable of taking on any level of labor. You’re building a name for yourself, and it’s likely much beyond the confines of your workplace.

As summer approaches, you’ll develop a desire for new skills and knowledge, so now is an excellent time to enroll in a class or do some pro bono work to broaden your horizons. By mid-August, you should have a good idea of what you want to do next and be ready to dive in headfirst. Late September is when business starts to pick up, so be prepared to take on more and more work.

As the workload grows throughout the fall, you’ll need to polish your working relationships to ensure that everyone contributes to your success. The eclipses in October will help you transition from pleasant to charming, so keeping people satisfied and attracting new business shouldn’t be too difficult (maybe even poaching from your rivals). The holidays should go above and beyond your expectations!

2005 Sagittarius romantic 

The year 2005 falls under the sign of Sagittarius. Romantic

As the New Year begins, you’re in a fantastic mood, and the entire world is ready to eat you up with a fork and spoon. Whether you’re single or married, you’re having a good time mixing things up in your love life, and you’re beautiful in mid-January.

Then, as is customary for you, precisely around Valentine’s Day, both your imagination and your communication skills sizzle. The weekend of March 25th heats things even more, with the opportunity to turn your romantic fantasies into reality.

While spring fever is unavoidable, it will be accompanied by feverish activity in your always-busy mind. In terms of love, this entails broadening your horizons and even questioning some of your ideas. The result will be growth and satisfaction, especially around mid-April. Someone is interested in understanding more about your love philosophy – up close and personal — in the days building up to May 23rd.

Summer means merging spring’s plethora of intellectual pursuits into your daily love life, and you’re the perfect person to pull it off. You may also be integrating a new individual into your daily routine, which always entails some compromises for your libertarian self. Your best ally is a good sense of humor, and singles and couples alike enjoy a good laugh (and even a good romp) the weekend of July 8th. The days leading up to August 6th are particularly fiery.

There’s plenty of love-life inspiration on the right, left, and sideways in September, so get out there — singles could try an entirely new form of meeting people for sweetheart dates.

In October, some unexpected appreciation takes things to a new level, so be ready to respond in whatever way you want. Mercury is retrograde from November 13th to December 3rd, and it’s partially in your sign, so use caution in love communications. Meanwhile, December 1st offers a fantastic opportunity to start something new — or renew something brilliant. The days leading up to the end of the year are all about you, so enjoy them to the fullest.