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S.M.A.R.T. Resume Goals & Get Your Dream Job

A majority of the people travel to Singapore to score and secure better and decent paying job opportunities. They leave their everything behind to be able to make a stable career in Singaporean land and they go beyond a mile to earn their dream job. However, seeking for a job requires them to experiment with job portals like Good Job Creations via to see where their career leads them to. Also, they should implement a S.M.A.R.T. tactic to find the job of their dreams.

SMART is regarded as an acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, risky, and time table. This goal allows a person to create specific resume, and it enables them to present themselves to a recruiter wisely. Let’s have a closer look at how it works:

Specific: you should start with setting specific goals, as in you should start with selecting a specific career niche, industry, or position, and your specifications should be reflected in your resume accordingly. It should be geared towards the direction of your career written objectively as well as it should aspire the recruiters to shortlist your application in the job process.

Measurable: Set measurable goals. If you are enthusiastic about starting your career then, you are more likely to set immeasurable and unattainable goals. However, if you lack the enthusiasm about starting with a job then, you are more likely to have understated list of goals. You should be able to quantify or specify that what you expect from a job, so you could proceed further with the process accordingly.

Attainable: always set attainable goals. When crafting a roadmap for your career, you should always mention the goals and career objectives which would be achieved in the long run as well as short term. It shouldn’t stretch out in tandems, and it should follow a specific guideline. Next, you are required to work on your goals to be able to reach the heights of your career.

Risky: set risky goals. While you are recommended to be practical and set goals that are measurable and attainable—you should also set risky goals to escalate the growth of your career. You should be able to take a risky step to leverage your career to another level. It could work as a Plan B for you, if you are really willing to take your career to another level.

Time table: always set goals with a specific time period. You should map out the timeline and deadline for searching a job and you should track the process accordingly. It should help you with reaching your goals effectively, and it also introduces to the challenges that are more likely to occur during a job hunt. Of course, you should also mention that how you can convert your setbacks into your comebacks to yield better and effective outcomes in the long run.

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