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There are many reasons to go to your HR’s office today. They can do a lot. HR consultancies in Hampshire, London or anywhere else often have people requiring their services, and here are the main reasons why:

Help With Career Planning

HR is there to help companies succeed, but they also realise that good employees make companies what they are. Good employees want to get ahead in their chosen careers. HR also realises this.

Your HR department can help you reach your ultimate goal. For example, if your main goal is to become the CFO, then they can tell you where you excel and what your weak areas are. When the time comes that the company needs a new CFO, the HR manager may throw your name out there because you’ve already expressed interest in the position.

Manage Your Manager

Let’s face it, not all managers are good. Also, even cool managers are not good for every single employee. It doesn’t matter what your issue with your manager is, your HR manager can help you out.

However, don’t go to HR and complain about your manager. Simply ask if there is anything they can do to make the situation better. Ask the HR manager if they can provide you with advice on how to click better with your manager.

Personal Issues

HR managers won’t give you a free therapy session or give you confidential advice. Plus, the chances are if it’s something they can’t keep confidential, then they will go and tell the appropriate people in the company or take some sort of action. For example, if you tell them your boss sexually harassed you, then they’ll have to launch an investigation into the allegations.

However, if you’re in debt, then they may tell you about the Employee Assistance Program or if you have a stalker ex, then they can tell reception and security to keep an eye out for them, while drafting a plan to keep you safe. On that note, take a look at your company’s website to see if they have the number to the EAP because the chances are the number is on there.

Medical Issues

Do you suffer with health issues, or are you pregnant? If so, then speak to HR because they may be able to offer advice. However, don’t miss work repeatedly over migraines and not say anything because HR might fire you. If you actually go to them and tell them, then they may tell you to fill out paperwork.

In fact, your health issue may fall under the Family Medical Leave Act or the Americans With Disabilities Act. Don’t automatically assume your work will know why you are missing work or that they know that you are under protection from those two specific laws. These laws are in place to protect workers, so make sure to head to HR when dealing with health issues.

Whistle Blowing

Big companies often have avenues you can take if you notice violations and want to mention them AKA whistle blow. However, you can always go to HR to tell them about anything that concerns you. After you speak to them, the chances are the department will launch an investigation to find out what’s going on.

Navigate The Law

HR managers are not attorneys, but they will have a basic understanding of employment law. If you have a co-worker who has told you that their boss is acting inappropriately, then you can go to the HR department. You can tell them what was said to you and then they will take note before taking some sort of action.

If you have been threaten with a lawsuit by another employee, then don’t ignore this. Legal problems can cause major issues, so speak with HR right away. If they find what you say to be of major concern, then they can call the attorneys to help them out.

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