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Professional tips to use laser engraving heads on leather products

Who doesn’t loves leather products? Those who are concern about trend fashion always love to use uniquely designed leather jackets, pants, wallets, etc. But when you go to traditional stores, it becomes really hard to find such a unique product. Most of the designs are very common and it’s very hard to find elegant looking products within an affordable price tag. This is where the laser engraving heads come into action. You might think engraving on leather products using a laser engraver is a very complex process. But websites like Opt Lasers Grav online store is now offering affordable laser engraving heads at a very attractive price. If you visit their official website, you will understand how easily you can add a high-quality laser engraving heads with 3D printers or CNC machines.

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Since finding the perfectly designed leather product is a very challenging task, we will give you some unique tips which will help you to carve stunning designs on the leathers. Let’s explore the professional tips.

Always use light color leather

There are many variations in color when it comes to leather products. But if you intend to engrave different designs on the leather products make sure you use a light color leather. Engraving on dark color leather always results in messy designs. Most importantly the design looks dull since the process involves burnings of the leather. The professionals prefer to use light color leather so that the design looks much more vivid and promising. Before you start laser engraving on leathers, make sure you use light color leather.

Quality of the leather

You can’t expect to make stunning designs on low-quality leather products. Its true OptLasers Grav provides a laser engraver head at a very affordable price tag but it doesn’t mean you will be able to create stunning designs on low graded leather. Most of the time the low graded leather products looks dull after it goes through the engraving process. So chose high-quality leather if you really want to make some beautiful designs on the leathers. If you do not want to use real leather, you can try artificial. It is important that it is of high quality.

Dealing with complex carvings

When it comes to complex designs, the new users might damage the leather products due to excessive heat in the overlapping lines of the design. So how do you solve this problem? The best way is to use one single line in the designs so that the laser engraving head don’t burn the same area twice. However, at times the laser engraver might have to burn the same area more than once but in such case, you need to use masking tape. The excess heat dissipated from the laser engraving head will be absorbed by the masking tape so that no burn mark remains after the designing process. Once the engraving process is complete rub the surface area of the leather with rubbing alcohol so that the designs look much more prominent. Though it might sound complex once you perform the first engraving on leather, things will start to make sense.

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