Hello from London. We are glad to be back in touch. Are you spending a lot of time on work tasks that do not advance your career? Is this an issue affecting mainly women? Our first article today stresses the importance of reviewing what you do at work. Also, find out which MBA schools are rated best for the teaching of statistics.

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The club that teaches women how to say ‘no’ to office housework

Have you heard of NPTs: non-promotable tasks? A group of female academics from Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon have identified chores that have obstructed their, and their peers’, careers.

“It may be a good time to have discussions within the organisation about what work will [be fulfilling]. If companies are trying to retain workers, they’re going to want to be thinking about how [to] make my workforce happy, productive and fulfilled and how to keep them focused on promotable work,” says Linda Babcock, professor of economics at Carnegie Mellon University,

‘I have an MBA and cannot get a job’

One of our readers is an MBA graduate with expertise in ESG and experience at a senior level in banking and consulting, but cannot get a job.

Advice from Jonathan Black, careers director at Oxford university: “With your career in a range of industries, you have built a broad network and are probably using that for a series of information interviews, a second route to finding a job. In addition, you could combine your MBA research skills with your network to spot target organisations where you would like to work. You might, of course, consider securing several roles to create a portfolio.”

Our readers offer their views.

Top MBA schools for teaching statistics

  1. MIT: Sloan, US

  2. University of Rochester: Simon, US

  3. Carnegie Mellon: Tepper, US

  4. University of Chicago: Booth, US

  5. University of Pennsylvania: Wharton, US

  6. Peking University: Guanghua, China

  7. University of Southern California: Marshall, US

  8. Texas A & M University: Mays, US

  9. SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy

  10. Fudan University School of Management, China

The top schools for statistics teaching as voted by alumni who responded to a survey for the FT MBA 2022 ranking. © Financial Times data.

Data line: Online MBA teaching quality rated highly

Alumni who completed the survey for our Online MBA rankings over the past five years are impressed by teaching in their programmes. About three quarters scored at least a nine out of 10 for delivery of live teaching sessions and online exams, write Leo Cremonezi and Sam Stephens.

Column chart of Alumni average rating out of 10 for online programme delivery in the last five years showing Online MBA alumni rate highly the programme delivery in recent years

Further analysis of the FT’s Online MBA 2022 ranking can be found here.

Work and careers round-up

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Expedia’s Peter Kern: ‘Be straight with your people about how you feel’ The travel executive has set about streamlining a sprawling group and taking it in a new direction.

It’s OK to be quiet in meetings Some of the smartest people rarely speak in work gatherings but everyone listens when they do.

Business cannot brush off ESG as a mere PR challenge Managers must engage employees and align social responsibility with what their company actually does.

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