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Musk, Gates, Biden, Apple Among Accounts Taken Over


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Breach scale suggests Twitter admin takeover

Twitter’s security has been compromised this evening, with the breach used to take over Elon Musk’s, Jeff Bezos’ and Bill Gates’ and other’s prominent Twitter accounts in a Bitcoin scam that has their followers directed to deposit Bitcoin in a certain wallet with the false promise that contributions will be doubled.

Twitter has confirmed a security incident, saying “You may be unable to Tweet or reset your password while we review and address this incident”.

The incident, which for once does actually deserve the adjective “unprecedented” has also seen the accounts of Apple, Uber and Kanye West taken over. Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s account is among those who have also Tweeted the scam. Many appear to have been able to rapidly remove the Tweets. The situation is developing.

Twitter Hacked: Admin Access Appears Likely

The scale of the incident suggests an attacker either gained access to a Twitter employee’s administrative privileges or found a sweeping vulnerability in the social platform’s login protocols. Given that many of the accounts are likely, given their high profile, to have enabled two-factor authentication, it seems plausible that someone senior at Twitter has been compromised and their privileges abused.

Security firm RiskIQ says it has identified infrastructure tied to the cryptocurrency scammers. The unverified list is on Pastebin here. 




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