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Military Jobs Make Good Jobs for Felons – Myths About Military Felon Careers

Military Jobs Make Good Jobs for Felons – Myths About Military Felon Careers

The military can provide good jobs for felons. There have been too many myths about our military turning a cold shoulder to ex felons. The truth is, felons can join the US Military because it has the criminal history waiver program. Basically, if the military recruiter wants to enlist you but you are not generally eligible because of you criminal history, he can file a waiver to ask the service to make a special exception in your case. This one fact along, makes a military career choice popular for felon jobs.

You cannot file a waiver yourself. Only a military recruiter can do that and he may choose not to if he feels that the waiver doesn’t have a good chance of being approved.

The recruiter’s willingness to file a waiver for you will depend on several things. However, the chief factor will be whether or not they are able to meet their recruitment needs at that time.

If they are having difficulties signing up enough recruits to meet their quota, then you have a good chance of getting a waiver. On the other hand, if they have more applicants than they need, the recruiters have the luxury of picking and choosing so your chances of getting a waiver approved are much less.

Historically, your best bet is the US Army since they approve the most number of waivers, followed by the Marine Corps. The Navy and Air Force have an easier time recruiting people so they approve fewer waivers.

Other factors which will affect your getting a waiver are:

• high Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) scores
• good educational background (high school diploma or college credits)
• the nature of the criminal offense
• your age at the time of the felony
• the amount of time that has passed since the crime

As far as jobs for felons go, this might seem like a long and difficult process to many, it’s really not as hard as it seems. In fact, the US Army has reported that one in eight soldiers needed a waiver to join the Army. This just goes to prove that the US Military is willing to give people a second chance and provide good jobs for felons.

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