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Marketing Executive: Job Description & Salary Info

Are you interested in becoming a marketing executive? If so, then you’ll want to have an idea of what they do and how much they can make. Read this description to learn more.

Marketing executives create and oversee marketing campaigns that are designed to promote services and products. Marketing executives can take on a number of responsibilities, such as commercial, creative and administrative. The exact nature of the job will depend on the company they work for and the size of the company.

Executives tend to work with other employees. They usually work alongside those who are involved in market research and advertising. Executives also work alongside those in sales and distribution.

Key Duties

Marketing executives oversee various aspects of campaigns, and they are likely going to take on a lot of responsibility early on. They might also be required to work mainly alone. As for what some of the responsibilities are, this may include:

  • Creating marketing campaigns
  • Presenting strategies and ideas
  • Coming up with promotional activities
  • Creating a sales copy
  • Managing social media campaigns
  • Tracking performance
  • Organising events

When first starting, a marketing executive may take on an entry-level role, but this really depends on who the employer is and the size of the employer. Those who take on a graduate role tend to work for small companies and medium-sized companies. At larger companies, executives may work alongside marketing coordinators and marketing assistants.

Many graduate schemes hire graduates as full-time executives and work with corporate trainers such as GBS Corporate Training to get them trained to the managerial level required. However, this does depend on the nature of the role they are doing. It also depends on the company they work for.

Salary, Work Life And Promotion

There are a lot of opportunities for marketing executives to be promoted, and usually, they can enter into senior marketing roles, which includes being a marketing manager, senior marketing executive or a marketing director. They may also work in specialised roles such as being a digital content manager or a PPC manager, as well as an SEO manager.

Generally speaking, marketing executives work a traditional 9-5, but sometimes they work out of those hours when they are required to attend events or if they’re tackling large projects. They can be paid on average of around £20,000 per year, but they can move up and earn around £35,000 per year. Some private sector companies offer much higher salaries, but this is usually for industries such as IT, FMCG and gaming or gambling to name a few.

Training & Qualifications

There are a number of routes you can take to become a marketing executive, especially for those who are school leavers and university graduates. Generally speaking, employers do prefer candidates with degrees in subjects such as business, economics and sociology, but there is no specific degree of discipline that is required. Some jobs will require a specific background, such as a background in tech or science.

There are a few professional bodies that provide memberships and qualifications. This includes the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing and the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Obtaining qualifications for those might help you land a graduate job.

Voluntary work or relevant pay can come in handy, and this can be gained via an area that requires a person to speak with members of the general public or contact with customers. Large companies often have vacation courses or placements. This is to provide more insight into the job.

Employers usually look at past work experience and they look for part-time work experience or other activities that show the applicant has communication skills and have interacted with customers. Some examples include being a student ambassador or doing promotional work or telemarketing. Retail work is often considered too.

As for skills marketing executives should have, this includes being adaptable and having commercial awareness. Other skills include attention to detail and having creative writing skills. IT skills and numerical skills are other key skills marketing executives should have.

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