Knowing when it is right to use Zipcar

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If you look at the travel industry Airbnb was unable and did not plan to scrap hotels; a similar thing is happening in the car rental industry. Zipcar exists and unable to crap taxis from operating. Their mode of operation is entirely different from the way traditional rentals works in society.  It is only conceived by city dwellers that don’t own nor see reasons why they should buy a car. Their mode of operation is perfect for people going on a short trip that does not take more than 1 or 2 hours. They are not available to people who wants to use a car rental for more extended hours or people who are going on a long journey.


Where can you find Zipcar

They (Zipcar) operate in not less than five hundred cities around the world. Over time they move their services within campuses both in Canada and the United States. They ensure that their rental services are not available to people less than eighteen years of age. Over time they became a solid choice for students who need both an on and off-campus errands or people who want to take a day trip.


Zipcar rates compared to traditional car

Before you can make use of Zipcar rental service, you must not be less than twenty-one years of age, which is the age-grade for students. It is also a must that you have a valid driver’s license and either of debit or credit cards. For the fact that their services are mostly available in campus areas, that is why it looks likes students are the ones that use Zipcar the most. Aside that your age, must not be less than twenty-one years and must be ready to pay an application fee of twenty-five dollars and a monthly membership fee of seven dollars. Depending on the nature of service you prefer, an hour goes for $9.50. In contrast, a whole day rental goes for $77, which looks a little cheaper than an hourly rental.


How to pick up a Zipcar

Their response rate is far better than that of the traditional taxi. If you have an account with them, you will only need to activate the Zipcar app to see the closest car available to pick you up, after that you can easily choose your pick up time and return time. Everything is in order; all you need to have a successful trip with Zipcar is a Smartphone or an RFID-enabled wallet-sized “Zipcard.



The brain behind Zipcar is to help urban dwellers reach their destinations with ease, unlike traditional cars that can consume the whole of your time and still not be as effective as Zipcar. There are lots of benefits you stand to enjoy using Zipcar; for example, there are times that traditional cars will be at their pick period and during this period they usually inflate their prices. But in the case of Zipcar, they maintain their rates and give you the necessary maximum security needed to have a safe trip.