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India 72nd on global list with average monthly wage of Rs 32,800: Report


India has been ranked a lowly 72nd among 106 countries in terms of the average wage per month, while Switzerland topped the chart, according to a global ranking of average wages prepared by

With an average monthly wage of Rs 32,800 ($437), India has been ranked a lowly 72nd among 106 countries surveyed by, an international e-commerce platform that provides discount coupons.

Switzerland, where the average wage converted into rupees amounts to Rs 4,49,000 ($5,989), topped the ranking, while in Cuba the average wage is the lowest at Rs 2,700 ($36), it said.

Switzerland was followed by Luxembourg and the United States, whose citizens on an average earn Rs 3,00,900 ($4,014) and Rs 2,64,900 ($3,534), respectively.

Others in the top ten list include Denmark ($3,515), Singapore ($3,414), Australia ($3,333), Qatar ($3,232), Norway ($3,174), Hong Kong ($3,024) and Iceland ($2,844).

India, with the average wage of Rs 32,800, outranked countries such as Kazakhstan (Rs 32,700), Brazil (Rs 26,000), or Egypt (Rs 16,400), the report said. analysis team looked into earnings in countries around the world and created a global ranking of average wages.

The average wages after taxes come from the website and local currencies were converted at the average Google Finance rate for August 2020, the report said.

Cuba, Uganda and Nigeria, close the ranking with wages between Rs 2,700 and Rs 13,800.

When it comes to Asian countries, India ended up in the second part of the ranking (10th out of 16). It was outrun by countries such as South Korea (Rs 1,72,900), China (Rs 72,100), Malaysia (Rs 62,700), or Thailand (Rs 46,400).

Following were Vietnam (Rs 30,200), Philippines (Rs 23,100), Indonesia (Rs 22,900), and Pakistan (Rs 15,700).

The ultimate leaders among Asian countries were Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong the only countries with average wages higher than Rs 2,00,000, the report said.


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