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Important of short domain names- do they always carry more value?

Are Shorter Domain Names Always More Valuable? - Nebulas Website Design

Many around the web hosting and domain industry say that the shorter the domain name the better. It carries importance from many points. So much so that while domain registration, an effort is taken to cut shot long domain names. 

Generally speaking, for branding considerations, a short domain name works best. However, it must adopt a comprehensive strategy. The brief domain name ought to be simple to say, recall, and spell. Five to eight characters are the recommended number of characters for a domain name.

The top 250 websites in the world, as determined by Alexa, had an average of 7 to 15 characters in their domain names. 177 domains (70%) had only 8 characters. The most typical domains contained 2 words and 7 characters. Only 11 out of the 250 domains had an alphabetic, and three contained dashes.

The advantages of a short domain name

1. Build relationships

Domain names containing two words or fewer are known as shorter domains or URLs. They are brief, simple to read, and easy to remember. They are simpler to incorporate on brochures, business cards, and printed materials. The greater the URL’s appeal, the more probable it is that users will remember it. The capacity of your website name to stick in people’s minds enables brands to forge closer connections with potential clients and customers.

2. Easy to recall

Longer domain names are more challenging to type, pronounce, and spell correctly. A lengthy domain name also obscures the meaning of the domain. A shorter domain makes it simpler to make your point.

3. Boosts the relevancy of your website

It has a glimmer of relevancy that develops into a fad. It is even more crucial to use a domain name that is easily remembered when you take into account that most consumers have a limited attention span.

4. Authoritative

Particularly when it comes to generic domain names, a short domain name is authoritative. Online consumers automatically anticipate to find the information they are looking for when they type in the URL. A short domain name is more appealing when it is rare. There are 676 different 2-letter combinations that can be used domain extensions at the moment, and they have led to about 100 million registrations.

5. Mobile typing is simple

A lengthy domain name makes mistakes more likely. Since most users are on the go, you need to take into account the screen size and the size of the fingers using the tiny web browser to enter the URL. Typos divert your website traffic to a rival, who benefits from your efforts.

6. Appeal via social media

Consideration should be given to word-of-mouth potential in the era of social media platforms. A longer domain name is less likely to be mentioned to a friend than a shorter domain name. Consider all the familiar household names. The majority of them have short, recognizable domain names.

7. Reflects the brands you represent

The vision, purpose, and basic principles of your brand are made clear by short domain names. Think about the following factors when selecting the ideal domain name:

  • The distinctive quality of your brand
  • Who you want to reach out to and what you stand for
  • Your relevance to your intended audience
  • What sets you apart from your rivals


It is possible to purchase a domain name with the goal to resell it for a profit. Avoid concentrating on writing the first four letters that come to mind as you write. Take the and domains for Twitter and Google, respectively. This brief domain name for brands works well. When you make the choice to purchase something that nobody else wants, you are committing money.

Here is hoping that you have understood why short domain names are important and valuable. If you still have any doubts or questions about this article, please share it in the comments section below. 

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