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How To Market A Dental Practise – Small Business Tips

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In all businesses marketing is essential. Especially when you are a new startup company in an already saturated market, you somehow need to show potential clients why they should do business with you versus the competitors. For dental professionals, getting new clients in from the first opening can be a slow burner. Locals in the area already have reliable dentists that they have been trusting and seeing for years. Traditional forms of marketing such as posters and radio adverts just don’t cut it nowadays, instead, there are now so many new effective ways you can communicate the nature of your business to the target right audience. 

Social Media Marketing

Many dentists neglect the power that social media marketing can place on all genres of business. People now get their news and information from social media, therefore if you can create a positive presence on social media you will be on the right track to gaining more business. 

For example, if you create a good Facebook page to which you frequently post updates, services offered, locations, and contact details, you will gain a lot of followers and traction. People want the information to be easy and accessible, so as long as they do not have to call in and they can find all the information they need on your social media pages, they will be happy with the content. Location is an important factor to emphasise on social media because if you are a dentist in Leamington Spa, for example, you will want facebook to recognise your geographical location and share your page with the relevant people of that area.

Local Community 

A traditional yet effective way of gaining traction in your business is through referrals and word of mouth. Typically with dentists, you should pick the location of the business to be somewhere close to a local community or even within the community. If you want to become a valued presence within the community, therefore you should take part in any events that are taking place. For example, if there is a town festival, you should make an effort to decorate the space to meet the requirements of the theme. If done well and of course, you provide your clients with great dental services, recommendations will spread through word of mouth. This can be the most reliable source of information coming from a trusted friend, neighbour, or family member. You will find new patients start showing up and mentioning the existing clients that you already have a relationship with.

Update Your Business Website 

Building a great website is a fundamental element of gaining more business and traffic to your business. The layout and information included need to be done precisely and as helpful as possible. For example, if you offer invisalign in Leamington Spa, you should have a dedicated page for this specific category. As mentioned, people want the information to be as easy to read and find as possible, so having the correct page titles and sections for your website is essential. There are some other things to consider:

  • Have a chat box for people to easily send questions
  • Show before and after images of whitening for example 
  • Have a ‘ Meet The Team’ page for patients to view the professionals 
  • Consider investing in SEO or a media management team 
  • Have lots of content, eye-catching videos and photos 


Overall, any form of marketing can be valuable for your dental practice. Getting the mentioned basics done and seeing which boosts business more will simply just be a waiting game. When you finally have a good flow of new clients coming in and clients becoming regulars you should not start to neglect the marketing in any way. Customers want to keep informed of exactly what they are investing in and interesting updates for them to see.

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