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How To Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

How To Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Truth is… there is NO magic button to push and send Affiliate Marketers a tsunami of cash. Wish that were possible but the button only begins to work when YOU do. Most of our problems come with too many shinny objects that someone has persuaded us we must have to be successful.

Guilty as charged. I have more shinny objects sitting around waiting for me than any of us will admit. Don’t do it! Save your money. Work with the ones you already have in your holding system.

NO one is going to give you the keys to the vault. IF they had all the answers their bank account would be so full of money they’d be on a cruise around the world or sitting out on the veranda of their private estate. You can be sure they are are NOT think about teaching you how to make money. Believe me, I know them personally, already have the T-shirt.

Now, let’s see if we can at least find some value in this message. Affiliate marketing does offer many earning money opportunities, making it one of the fastest growing industries on the web. Billions (with a B) is earned every year. It’s attractive and drawing lots of people to seek their fortune but there’s plenty of room for you and me as saturation is not possible.

Whatever you choose to do, get yourself a trainer, a teacher, with the knowledge to guide you. It’s serious work, not for the weak or shinny object chasers. Affiliate Marketing requires your best effort, perseverance to reach the finish line called success.

Be realistic in your expectations. Set reasonable goals that you want to achieve. Don’t begin with the idea of making a million dollars in the next 30 days, it ain’t going to happen. Most begin with $1,000 hope for achievement and give it their very best effort. Does everyone make it? Absolutely not! Just don’t give up without giving affiliate marketing a fair trial.

Good things are happening in the marketplace. More and more people are discovering affiliate marketing which should lead to greater success. First, choosing the “right” program is step #1 before you can begin your business.

Never, NEVER, try to market a product or software without personal experience, use of the product, or some folks will consider you a fraud. It’s like driving a FORD to work and trying to sell a CHEVY to your prospective customers.

Value is the key consideration for every product. Your future customers are not concerned about your commission but your personal testimony of your own successes with the product. IF you can’t witness to the value, the money you’ve made or give me a good reason to buy, forget trying to push it over on someone else. Just good business ethics that pay huge dividends.

If the owner of the product or software fails to make any money then don’t expect me to throw my money down the same rathole and lose my money, too. We’re looking for something that will thrill our buyers when they follow our lead. I’d never promote an affiliate product without knowing it’s proven value.

Affiliate Marketers are looking for the next goldmine, CASH COW, not a blip in the road. How often can you expect to get paid your commissions? Some merchants pay immediately while others hold on for a month or two, not very exciting to be on the wait list.

Also, it’s important that you get credit for your referrals. Your merchant’s website has to use cookies to track where the customer comes from or YOU will not get credit for all your referrals. Once your referral visits a site you should get all the credits due, however, that is NOT always true. Be sure to read the merchant’s affiliate commissions proposal or you may come out on the short end of the deal.

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