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Have You Thought About Working in the Marketing Field?

When it comes to the marketing field, it’s not difficult to image why many people would find it appealing. After all, marketing can be a very cool endeavor, as it centers around innovation, technological developments and changes in attitudes. Viewing the industry from a distance, it can look like a career in marketing is ideal for those that enjoy working with people and keeping ahead of the curve with data models and strategic creative campaigns. However, is that what working in the industry is really like?

It’s important to be mindful of the fact that the area you choose to work in in the marketing world, as well as the company you choose to work for, will have a big influence on your experiences in the field. The marketing industry is incredibly diverse, but there are plenty of opportunities to specialize in one area, such as in digital marketing jobs, sports event promotions, radio ads, social media marketing and more. Some marketers opt to secure employed roles within a major brand’s marketing department, whereas other professionals go down the route of starting their own portfolio and work independently for either private clients or a marketing agency. No matter what type of marketing role you go for, you can bank on the fact that your workday will never be boring. In addition, you will earn good money and there will be endless opportunities to showcase your creative side.

You’ll learn how to empathize better

The marketing sector is a very human field, which means you get the opportunity to start understanding human emotions better. Whether you are focused on branding, social media marketing or data analytics, empathizing with customers will start to become second nature as you seek to be successful at cultivating brand loyalty and running effective promotion campaigns.

The customer is always right!” How many times have you heard that cliché? However, when you have worked in marketing for a while, the phrase takes on new meanings. This is because basically all the tasks you do in the marketing industry center around being able to find out what your target audience is thinking. The more times you spend in the field, the easier that task will become. You’ll begin to really understand what your customers really desire and how you can show that various products and services can bring value to their lives.

No two work days will turn out to be the same

Romeo Man entered the marketing field last year when he started his own digital agency. He informed us that it doesn’t matter how long he spends learning, there is always more to learn and new things to be discovered. One of the things he has to spend time learning about is new marketing tools. Apparently, there is always a new tool coming out that enables you to automate marketing processes and accelerate campaigns.

Today really is a great time to begin a career in marketing. After all, there have been huge developments in online platforms and social media networks that brands now have more ways to target potential customers than they have ever had. You should get ready for the work to be varied, especially if you opt to work for an agency, as you will have to represent clients from all different fields and from all different countries.

Ian Lurie is a 20-year veteran in the world of marketing and he told us that the reason he loves working in the field is that he gets to earn an income doing things he enjoys the most, including learning about new developments, writing, and nerding out when new technology hits the market. However, he also told us there are times when he hates the field, such as when he finds himself competing with people who use spammy techniques and steal clients by offering brands quick fixes. He was sure to note, however, that anyone who is a bit geeky and loves to be creative is sure to find marketing to be the perfect career choice.

You can look forward to a healthy work-life balance

If you don’t particularly enjoy taking work home from the office, the marketing field could be perfect for you. A list featured on Glassdoor of the top 25 roles for the best work-life balance featured six jobs in marketing, including digital marketing manager, social media manager, marketing assistant, SEO manager, content manager and marketing analyst.

When you have a job that offers a stable income and employment security, you are much less likely to feel dissatisfied during your working day. You might be surprised to learn that securing a job in the marketing industry is not as cut-throat as you might think. Job openings are plentiful and many roles come with great company benefits. According to PayScale, in 2016 the median salary for marketing managers was US$127,560, US$45,400, US$51,600 and US$51,600 for the US, the UK, Italy, and Germany respectively.

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