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From Zero to 100: A Practical Framework to Jumpstart Your Test Automation Program


Now more than ever, rigorous usability testing of your HIT systems is essential to ensuring quality across the continuum of care. However, the expertise and volume of staff required, aggressive timelines, and complex technical environments create considerable strain on the best internal teams—even more so on those that rely heavily on manual testing.

In this session, we will discuss challenges related to setting up your automation program, how to unlock the potential of test automation and how to determine which workflows can be automated. We will show you how using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze your applications can identify patterns of defects and prevent them in the future.

Learning Points:

  • The importance of testing
  • Common use cases for automation
  • Best practices for an effective automation program
  • The limitations of manual testing
  • Demonstrate how test automation can:

            o Eliminate human error and knowledge limitations
            o Exponentially increase coverage
            o Automate exploratory testing and user journeys not previously considered



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