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Essential Points in Cannabis Processing

Nowadays, cannabis processors in Canada and the US are concentrating on getting the market inside the distinct subset of the consumer goods and pharmaceutical industry. There are surprising projections in the industry for the legalization and propagation of marijuana products particularly in the cannabinoids like cannabidiol or CBD, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, and cannabinol or CBN. The majority of the cannabis processors are finding ways on how to meet the surprisingly growing demand and scale their processing and production operations to be the leaders in the industry.
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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a substance found in the cannabinoid, which is found in cannabis. It is becoming increasingly popular these days as an effective solution to different kinds of health problems especially in treating Parkinson’s disease. Compared to THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD has no psychoactive effects. When this oil is taken into the body, only 20 percent is absorbed. In other words, for the CBD to be effective, the extraction process must be carefully carried out using the right set of equipment.

The Role Of Temperature Control in CBD Processing

The increasingly growing industry of cannabis and its components are fueling the cannabis processing industry. These processors utilize various established techniques to separate and extract the target component of cannabis. All of these processes depend on different standard techniques that have been utilized for so many years in industries like chemical, petrochemical, botanical, and distilled spirits. One of the core aspects in successfully and efficiently processing of cannabis is dependable and precise temperature control.

In both extraction and distillation processes, temperature plays a crucial role. In fact, whether the extraction process is accomplished through Ethanol systems, Carbon Dioxide Systems, or Liquefied Hydrocarbon Systems, the heart of all these processes is temperature control. In addition, various distillation techniques such as Wiped Film Stills entail precise and accurate temperature control.

Low-Temperature Extraction Chiller

As mentioned above, cannabis components particularly CBN, THC, and CBN entail accurate cooling to prevent damage. If the temperature is too high, these components could be denatured or could lose their aroma. To be able to achieve this, one important equipment in the cannabis processing industry is a CBD Extraction Chiller. These chillers along with its temperature control accessories are included in the CBD and THC extraction processes to provide below freezing the temperature required in separating cannabinoids.

Rotary Evaporation 

The rotary evaporator has been a universal scientific tool in removing solvents. It allows the removal of the solvent in a controlled approach under vacuum. It comes in various sizes ranging from 5-liter flasks to pilot scale of 20-liters and above. By decreasing the pressure in the rotary evaporator through the use of a vacuum pump, it lowers the solvent’s boiling point. In cannabis processing, it lowers the boiling point of ethanol.

Falling Film Evaporation

This equipment essentially contains tube heat and vertical shell exchangers. It allows large volumes of cannabis ethanol extract to be concentrated. It is responsible for providing high-capacity evaporation rate with a short period of heat exposure to the extracted component.

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