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Good afternoon from London. Alumni have a lot to offer their schools, but they are generally undervalued. A study by CarringtonCrisp gives an insight on what schools should know about engaging their graduates. Also, find out which schools are best for teaching environmental, social and corporate governance, according to MBA alumni.

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Top MBA schools for environmental, social and corporate governance teaching

  1. Yale School of Management, US

  2. SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy

  3. University of California at Berkeley: Haas, US

  4. University of Oxford: Saïd, UK

  5. University of Notre Dame: Mendoza, US

  6. IMD Business School, Switzerland

  7. Fudan University School of Management, China

  8. ESMT Berlin, Germany

  9. MIT: Sloan, US

  10. Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, China

The top schools for management teaching as voted by alumni who responded to a survey for the FT MBA 2022 ranking. © Financial Times data

What do alumni want?

Business schools should do more to ensure alumni can connect with each other and provide more continuing ways to learn, according to a survey by CarringtonCrisp, the educational consultancy, with more than 1,700 respondents around the world.

The analysis highlights that more than three-quarters would like to have online access to lectures and other content from faculty, and over half think schools should create programmes for alumni for lifelong learning at preferential rates. Many felt unaware of what opportunities were currently available. 

Andrew Hill’s management challenge

The prospect of energy rationing is concentrating minds in companies across Europe, as the war in Ukraine drags on, exposing the west’s dependency on Russian oil and gas. As I write in my column this week, sudden shocks and enforced scarcity can be highly disruptive for managers, but they can also force simplification, efficiency and innovation.

For my management challenge, I’d like to hear the most innovative ways you can think of improving energy efficiency at companies in the short term. Perhaps they are ideas you’re already implementing. In any case, send your smartest ideas to [email protected].

In further reading, as Howard Schultz prepares for the third time to take over, at least temporarily, as chief executive of Starbucks, Clint Rainey has looked at the coffee chain’s challenges for Fast Company. They include disgruntled baristas’ attempts to unionise. Rainey asks how “the longtime bastion of progressive capitalism, the progenitor of groundbreaking people-first policies, the first company to offer stock to even part-time employees” arrived at this point.

Data line: Online MBA alumni job prospects

Online MBA graduates can expect better career opportunities after completing their course, write Leo Cremonezi and Sam Stephens.

Three years after finishing their studies, the share of graduates who had previously classified themselves as “professional” fell from nearly half to just 14 per cent, as they moved up into senior management and other executive roles.

Bar chart of Seniority level before programme and three years after completion, average 2018-22 showing Online MBAs lead to higher-level jobs

Further analysis of the FT’s Online MBA 2022 ranking can be found here.

Work and careers round-up

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A ‘$200mn gamble’: UAE Space Agency chair on its mission to Mars Sarah Al Amiri’s challenge was to build up the Gulf state’s small scientific community as fast as possible.

Sarah Al Amiri has chaired the UAE Space Agency since 2020 © Charlie Bibby/FT

How to be a manager, not a therapist As anxious staff return to offices, leaders need to listen — and be firm but fair.

Are you up to date with the news?

An Australian regulator alleged Facebook owner Meta allowed misleading advertisements to appear on its platform promoting which product? Find the answer here and test yourself with 10 questions.

Top FT reads in the past week

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Video: China, Russia and the war in Ukraine

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