Direct Marketing – Discover 6 Intermediate Methods to Boost Your Sales


Here’s how you can get the most out of your direct marketing efforts:

1. Communicate the benefits of your products and services. When selling your offerings, always visualize your prospects having this question on their forehead “what’s in it for me?” Buyers these days are very interested to know what they can get in exchange of their purchase. Give them what they want and you’ll surely be able to increase your chances of making a sale. Tell them what your products and services can do to improve the quality of their lives or to reach their goals.

2. Send direct mail. Despite the advent of the internet and email, the act of opening a snail mail is still somewhat engaging and exciting. One tip that I can offer you to boost your response rate is to get your clients to act right away. Here’s an example; you can tell your prospects that if they call within 2-4 days and give you the code include in the snail mail, they can get at least 15% off on their first purchase.

3. Outplay your competitors. Know what your competitors are doing to lure your prospects and outdo them at all cost. If they are offering 10% discount, you can offer your customers with 15% (as long as you don’t shortchange yourself) to get them to do business with you. You can also outdo them and still charge more by simply offering your clients with high quality products and great customer service.

4. Use your most friendly-looking photos. Based on personal experience, you can really make your sales soar high by just putting personal touch on your direct mailings. Post your photo on each of your letters and personally sign them.

5. Make your marketing messages simple and easy to understand. Being mysterious and getting your prospects to really think hard just to analyze your messages isn’t exactly the best route to go when writing your ads. Keep in mind that confusing your clients will not help you convince them to make a purchase. So, make your marketing messages simple as much as possible. People who are reading them must have a solid idea what you sell and how this can benefit them.

6. Offer freebies and discounts. This is the best way to capture the attention of your target market. Based on research, people are most likely to make a purchase when they know that they’ll pay less and if they’ll get something free in return.

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