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Design and Innovation Turn Knowledge Into Money!


Marketing in a recession. In a recession your marketing is very important, you need to be talking to all your existing and potential customers all the time to ensure you are still around to benefit when the recession is over.

Design is a huge contributory factor to your strategy, not just the look of a new product or service or the layout of your new catalogue or brochure.

Design can help you to convey many messages to unasked questions including

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Who you do it for

Making customers happy sound like an obvious, easily achievable goal.

So why do so many businesses find it so difficult?

What is stopping them please their customers?

Everyone wants happy customers, because happy customers are loyal customers. Every day you are striving to achieve this goal but many of you are losing customers without knowing or understanding why.

Some of you will be thinking “its okay I am marketing”, but is it the right kind of marketing?

Do you encourage all your staff to help by coming up with new ideas, when they do, do you just file them away or do you make use of them and capitalize on these ideas. Remember members of your staff are often closer to your customers, so listen to what they have to offer.

The chances are design and innovation are not top of your list. Design and innovation can help you give your customers what they want, help you to be better connected to your customers. Design helps you add value to your product or service, you design the right kind of experience for your customers and they will keep coming back.

Make design part of your strategic thinking not as an afterthought.

Few businesses will succeed without assistance and collaboration and this collaboration includes:

  • Your company
  • Your customers
  • Your suppliers

These three key elements form a triangle with communication flowing in all six directions. Make sure you maximize these links to obtain the best possible results for your business and combine this with good design and innovation and you have started your journey!

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