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Corporate Branding Making The Most Of Your Time

Corporate Branding Making The Most Of Your Time

Branding ones business, products, and or services can be one of the most profitable portions of an advertising campaign.

Branding is simply the symbolic embodiment of your product via a logo, font, color scheme, sound, or symbol. The purpose is simply to convey your message and bring to mind your product at a single glance buy consumers.

Well avoid taking time to list the various organizations that utilize branding techniques, there are far too many for that, but I will give a small demonstration to acquaint the novice marketer with branding. If I mention, Cola, immediately ones mind thinks of a red can and cursive writing logo / symbol that adorns every can and bottle of a particular bubbly beverage. That products brand is in your head. There are many types of colas. You thought of that one. Why? That symbolic representation does not just make you think of the product when you read it. It causes you to remember the quality of the beverage and want it once you are thirsty. That is branding.

Lets get something straight. Branding is about quality. Who would want to brand a product that exudes inferiority? No one. For every dollar spent on a branding campaign, the product would be losing ground in the minds of the public. That is not what branding is about.

Companies, both large and small, want to distinguish themselves and their products from the pack. They all have competitors and they want to beat them. Brand recognition helps them do just that. Thus, all of the quality statements and credibility building press releases tend to bear the chosen branding symbol, logo, graphic or slogan. This is all an effort to equate their product with quality.

Branding used to be a slow arduous climb from the abyss of the unknown. Companies with smaller budgets were often over shadowed by larger organizations that have the financial backing to purchase the expensive ad spots necessary to keep their brand in front of the public longer.

The internet initially offered an option for smaller, less financially equipped companies, but this medium has gotten increasingly crowded, and high traffic ad spaces have increased in price as large more established organizations have embraced this technology and are bidding for spaces as well.

For this reason, advertisers have to be innovative in their branding efforts or be ready to dish out large sums of money. To infuse their brands with the perception of quality more involved than just having a great product. The quality perspective must be encouraged at the most basic levels. Yes, the product itself must be great, but the marketing materials that introduces the product must be flawless as well.

One of the most powerful ways of accomplishing this is to involve the customer in the branding process. No, not just as a recipient of the marketed message but a principle adviser on how to make your brand and its materials better.

Ventures of all sizes are turning to online branding websites like TypoBounty dot com to brand their companies, products, and services in the most powerful branding campaigns that exist.

On TypoBounty dot com consumers come looking for an opportunity to earn small cash rewards for finding errors on advertising companys websites. By allowing companies to offer a small cash reward for any errors found on their online properties, TypoBounty dot com allows companies to involve these potential customers in their quality branding efforts.

When consumers see that a company has elected to make a commitment to quality and continuous improvement by offering an opportunity to consumers to find errors on their online properties for cash rewards, it infuses the consumer with a trust and good memory of that particular business.

If consumers find an error on the companys website, they dont judge, they help fix it by reporting it to the company representative for a cash reward. They feel that they are helping add to the quality of the website, and essentially forming a bond with the brand.

Since locating errors on a web page requires the consumer to slow down and read more of the website, the consumer catches the full impact of the companys sales pitch. This causes the company and its products to stick in the mind of the consumers. This powerfully enhances the effectiveness of the companys branding efforts.

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