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Coping with Pandemic Changes Through Accountants Near Me

Nothing more ensures your business’s success than having excellent bookkeeping and accounting services that deliver flawlessly- prepared documents and complies with all the legalities involved in your industry. Keeping a harmonious employer-employee relationship will go a long way towards company efficiency and productivity. It shows that you care for your employees’ welfare by paying them wages fairly and promptly will ensure a stress-free workplace. It has been established that stress reduces work efficiency and productivity.

Stress affects the entire dimension of human life- from the physical, physiological to the psychological. When an employee is subjected to stressful states or conditions, changes happen anatomically and physiologically. However, these changes are not that discernible, unlike changes in the employee’s mood, behavior, and emotions.

What are these signs and symptoms of stress that you should be conscious of? When you outsource bookkeeping services, will it help improve the performance of employees?

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Frequent headaches occur when the muscles tense up as a protective mode against injury. Still, they can relax again once the perceived threat is gone; however, if you continue to be stressed. There is no muscular relaxation, just contraction or tightening of muscles. This causes all kinds of body aches, including headaches, shoulder and back pain, plus fatigue.

Rapid breathing or hyperventilation

This happens in an attempt to supply oxygen-rich blood quickly to your body. An underlying illness like asthma or emphysema can exacerbate breathing difficulties. Frequent sighing may also be observed.

Gastrointestinal symptoms

Stress can trigger hypersecretion of acids in the stomach, causing heartburn, nausea, stomach pain, and flatulence (intestinal gas). Since the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract are relaxed instead of contracted to promote peristalsis, constipation occurs.

High blood pressure (hypertension)

Epinephrine, or adrenaline, also known as the flight or fight hormone, is released more by the adrenal medulla. This triggers the heart to beat rapidly and the blood vessels to constrict, causing a rise in blood pressure or hypertension. Frequent stress can make the heart work more, causing a heart attack or myocardial infarction or even stroke (cerebral infarction.

Diminished sexual urge or performance

Chronic stress can cause the male sex hormone, testosterone, to drop. This can hinder sperm production, causing erectile dysfunction or impotence. The susceptibility of infection for male reproductive organs like the prostate and testes also increases.

Stress can affect the menstrual cycle for women leading to irregular or more painful periods.

Other signs and symptoms of stress include irritability or anger, restlessness, anxiety, sadness, depression, overeating or undereating, insomnia, nightmares, difficulty to focus, and lack of motivation.

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Certainly, knowing about these different signs and symptoms of chronic stress will alert you to its alarming impact on the employees and the company. It will be in your best interest to minimize if not totally prevent stressful situations such as bookkeeping and accounting. To an untrained and inexperienced employee handling these jobs can be tedious and downright stressful.

Outsourcing from reputable bookkeeping and accounting services providers will greatly solve this problem. They can handle these functions flawlessly and effortlessly. Their virtual bookkeepers and accountants possess the expertise and technology to meet your company’s needs. Your financial reports, tax returns, and payroll will be done validly and compliant with tax laws, revenue rules, and regulations. Your in-house employees will be pleased to be stress-free and highly-motivated to work harder for the company.

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