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Choose your tax lawyer based on your criteria

To deal with tax issues, it is no longer customary to surround yourself with a tax advisor but rather with a lawyer specializing in tax law. Their choice is not necessarily effortless and responds to some specific logic. Many professionals have tax skills like accountants. However, when you have to entrust a complex and subtle file to a specialist, it is better to go to a tax GST lawyer.

On the one hand, they are very familiar with the law and its most recent developments, and they can take a step back from the accounting operation of the audited company. About the choice of your specialist lawyer, you will check on the directory of the concerned bar that it holds a specialization in tax matters through obtaining a certificate of specialization in tax matters. This is the sign that the lawyer has behind him several years of professional practice in tax law.

How to determine the best lawyer for tax?

If you wish you can also carry out a small survey on this tax lawyer directly on the Internet by consulting their career and the type of rights they have practiced during their job or the nature of the cabinet through which they have passed and that in which they are now. Once you have made your choice, you should obtain information on the rates of the tax lawyer. Most of the time the tax lawyer bills by the hour so you must, therefore, inquire about the amount of this hourly rate HT and ask for an estimate of the time it could spend on your file. In the context of a tax audit, it is difficult to predict with certainty the time that a tax lawyer could devote to it. To have guarantees in the matter you can sign with the lawyer a fee agreement that will establish precisely the mission and the means entrusted to them like fixing a fixed price, estimate the time spent on the file, etc.

Conclusion: How to understand the relationship?

From the moment that you are surrounded by a tax lawyer it is necessary to establish a corporate relation between them and you that is a relationship of trust. As a lawyer, you must inform them about all elements of your file and particularly the most negative ones. Their role as a solicitor obliging them to absolute professional secrecy so there is no reason to fear that it could directly or indirectly damage your file. Communication between a lawyer and their client must be transparent and direct. This is the best way to set a coherent and effective strategy that can overcome a tax audit in the best conditions. Your file is in the hands of your tax lawyer. As such you must trust their expertise and avoid asking the same questions the opinion of another specialist.

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