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Car Park Protection: Make the Right Choice of the Floor Covering

Whether it is for an existing car park or a new construction, the choice of the floor covering is of great importance. It reflects the image of the condominium and influences the amount of charges to be paid. You have to find balance between functionality, aesthetics and price. Anyway, it has to ensure perfect sealing in order to avoid infiltration and to protect the reinforced concrete structure.

Car Park In-Situ Concrete Flooring

It is one of the most used solution, especially for indoor car park protection due to its very good value for money. If its aesthetics can be improved, the in-situ concrete floor has a good seal and is resistant to wear and time. Its disadvantage is dust, especially if the soil is left rough. And to overcome this inconvenience, it is necessary to subject the concrete to a specific treatment like applying a layer of colorless resin on it or just painting it.

Car Park Resin Flooring

Increasingly used, resin floors make it possible to put an end to the problem of dust and the movement of particles in the air. Whether epoxy or polyurethane resin, resin floors have the advantage of being sound insulators thanks to their sound absorption qualities. Waterproof and seamless, they are easy to maintain and have a high durability. With matt and glossy finishes, the wide variety of colors also allows to make light durable floor markings.

Car Park Structured Flooring

In case your car parc has a soil of poor quality, it is advisable to opt for a mortar which will make up for any defects such as holes or cracks. These anti-slip covering must be completed with a paint-like finish. You just have to choose very high-quality products in order to have the anticipated effects. We also recommend to call upon a professional installer to have the work done properly. The solidity and the longevity of the structured flooring depend greatly on that.

Car Park Painted Flooring 

The car park floor painting is not, strictly speaking, a covering. It is more of a specific finish. Associated with a concrete slab, it protects the car park decks against dust. It also allows you to realize floor markings to separate the parking spaces, to define taxiways, etc. This solution is particularly suited for car parks with good quality ground. As a car park protection, it is certainly the cheapest option but not the most durable one.

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