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Business School Briefing: Top 100 Masters in Management of 2021


Business school updates

Welcome to the Business School Briefing. Today, the results of the top Masters in Management degrees are out and read lessons on how to deal with a disaster. Written and edited by Wai Kwen Chan and Andrew Jack.

Top 100 Masters in Management degrees
Swiss school University of St Gallen is number one for the 11th year in a row with its MA in Strategy and International Management. Find out which are the best courses according to the Financial Times. Also, learn how the table was compiled and read the rest of our coverage at

Andrew Hill’s management challenge

In the wake of disaster, leaders’ judgment and risk perceptions are skewed, pre-crisis ways of operating are disrupted, and shocked staff are disengaged.

As I’ve written in my column this week, that makes “day-after” planning difficult, if not dangerous, whether the catastrophe is a terror attack or a pandemic. Even so, managers who go through such high-impact events can learn plenty of lessons to apply when crisis strikes again.

Work meeting
Working together to deal with a disaster can lead to valuable lessons © Getty Images

For the first management challenge of the new term, tell us the most important business lesson you’ve learnt so far from the pandemic — or, if you prefer, from another disaster you’ve lived through. I’ll select the most interesting for publication in next week’s briefing. The email address for your concise contributions is, as ever, [email protected].

In further reading, since this is the season of the “return to work” — or at least to the office — it’s worth looking at Rishad Tobaccowala’s recent post for Substack. He predicts a “jigsaw puzzle” of different approaches to late-pandemic work, with the best employers combining these principles:

“1) Communicating an understanding that going back to March 2020 makes ZERO sense unless one wants to go out of business.

2) Recognising that hybrid is really a spectrum.

3) Sharing key principles and beliefs driving the thinking.

4) Following a software model of decision making.”

Data line

In an FT survey, two-thirds of alumni who completed a Masters in Management in 2018 undertook an internship as part of their course. Those who accepted a job with the same organisation earn, on average, $7,000 more per annum than who that did not take up an internship, three years after graduation.

Alumni who did not complete an internship as part of their studies were earning at least $4,500 less, on average, than their counterparts, says Sam Stephens. Further analysis can be found here.

Chart showing the effect of an internship during masters in management studies on careers, salaries and sectors three years after graduation

Work and careers roundup

Discover the importance of carving out some spare time to prevent burnout and how companies could ban smoking in our home offices.

Small group of people creating pottery
Personal fulfilment outside the 9-5 life allows us to gain confidence, new skills, and overall a deeper sense of satisfaction © Getty Images

Read our big feature on the return to work and the new lessons for managers. Leaders in all organisations can learn from the experience of those who have been in workplaces throughout the pandemic.

The chief executive of Wella Company, Annie Young-Scrivner, talks about building a new venture with old brands.

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Top business school reads

UK graduates face 50% tax rate on additional pay from next April National insurance rate rise means half of any salary increase will be deducted in tax and student loan payments.

Line chart of Main tax rate charged on income (%)  showing UK governments like to cut the headline rate of income tax while raising national insurance rates

The Chinese control revolution: the Maoist echoes of Xi’s power play The Chinese leader is extending the party’s dominance over civil society. The flurry of activity has many of the hallmarks of a new political era.

People play games in the video gaming centre in Shanghai
Beijing has placed strict limits on the amount of time young people are allowed to play video games © Alex Plavevski/EPA/Shutterstock

Janet Yellen warns US Treasury risks running out of cash in October A letter to congressional leaders comes as White House worries about the possibility of debt default.

Janet Yellen, US Treasury secretary
Janet Yellen, US Treasury secretary, said that even ‘waiting until the last minute’ to raise the debt ceiling could have serious consequences © REUTERS

Further reading

I am a trainee teacher but wish to pursue a different path — where do I start? Find out how to move into another career from Jonathan Black, the director of the careers service at the University of Oxford.

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