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Good afternoon from London. We reveal 10 of the best Online MBA degrees of 2022, with UK schools taking the top two spots. Find out which institution MBA alumni rank top for marketing insights. If you are in charge of training, we would like to hear from you.

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Chief learning officers survey

If you or your clients oversee training, please complete our questionnaire on the future of corporate learning at by March 25. Here are the results from last year’s survey showing what skills employers want.

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Ten of the best Online MBAs for 2022

The UK’s Warwick Business School is number one for the fifth successive year in the FT’s ranking of Online MBA programmes. Read the rest of our coverage at

Andrew Hill’s management challenge

The flight of foreign companies and brands from Russia has shown that sometimes it is easier for business to react to a real war than to the polarising nuances of the culture wars. As I write this week, though, this seemingly black-and-white decision is more complex than it looks and creates some hard precedents.

For my management challenge, a big one. Other than the lifting of sanctions, what are the conditions you would set for your business to return to the Russian market? Would you wait to see what competitors did? And if you decided to make the first move, how would you justify it? Send your (concise) thoughts to [email protected].

In further reading, writing in the latest MIT Sloan Management Review, Paul Lester, Ed Diener and Martin Seligman summarise their five-year study of 1mn US soldiers in an effort to answer the question “which comes first, succeeding and being happy, or being happy and then succeeding?” They write that “happiness — and, to a somewhat lesser extent, optimism — were better predictors of awards [to the soldiers] than any demographic factor we examined”.

Top MBA schools for marketing teaching

  1. Indiana University: Kelley, US

  2. Northwestern University: Kellogg, US

  3. Peking University: Guanghua, China

  4. Wisconsin School of Business, US

  5. Melbourne Business School, Australia

  6. University of Minnesota: Carlson, US

  7. SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy

  8. Fudan University School of Management, China

  9. Esade Business School, Spain

  10. Emory University: Goizueta, US

The top schools for marketing teaching as voted by alumni who responded to a survey for the FT MBA 2022 ranking. © Financial Times data

Data line: Online MBA study goals

Online MBAs are motivated to start their degree for personal development followed by better earnings – the same as for full-time MBAs. Changing employer is less important for online MBA graduates, write Leo Cremonezi and Sam Stephens.

Bar chart of Average alumni score out of 10 for each motivating factor showing Personal development is a key goal for all MBA alumni

Further analysis of the FT’s Online MBA 2022 ranking can be found here.

Work and careers round-up

Oxfam GB chief: ‘Doing good can’t be an excuse for tolerating harm’ Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah took on the challenge of changing the culture at the scandal-hit organisation.

FT business books: March edition From creating more connected teams to digital transformation — here are this month’s top titles.


Daniel Pink: regret can be a rich source of inspiration The US writer’s new book looks at how we can turn our most ‘misunderstood emotion’ into positive action.

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Scientists identify genetic factors behind severe Covid symptoms. Sixteen genes that predispose people to critical illness pinpointed in world’s largest study of its kind

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