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Areas Of Concern To Remember When Choosing A Solicitor


The chances of getting the best possible outcome in your legal matter are better when you have the right solicitor fighting for you.

1: Is the solicitor suitable for my needs?

Ideally, most solicitors specialize in one or two areas of the law. For instance, one can major in family law, wills, and probate, while another handles personal injury and conveyancing. Therefore, you are likely hiring a solicitor who is an expert in particular areas but not all. That is how you can narrow your choices to find the best legal representation for your case.

2: Will I get specialist legal advice for my extremely complex case?

Pick a solicitor who can converse with you in your native tongue if you do not speak English. It is a vital element that ensures you get the right information regarding your case’s progress and what to do to ensure you do not dent the chances of getting the best outcome. And make sure the solicitor’s premises has excellent disability access if you use mobility aids like a walking stick, clutches, or wheelchair.

3: What will be the cost?

You risk facing significant legal fees if you do not consult the solicitor to know more about the costs and how long your case might last. Go to meet the solicitor armed with the following questions:

  • Do you have fixed fee options, and if so, what do they include and exclude?
  • What are the estimated costs for legal representation, and do you accept payments on a monthly or quarterly basis?
  • Do you require a down payment to begin work?
  • Can you plan for payment in instalments depending on a client’s financial circumstances?

4: Is the solicitor local?

Some legal matters have straightforward issues that a solicitor can help you address via post, email, or phone. However, others require one-on-one sessions and such are best handled by an experienced local solicitor so that meetings can be easy to plan and attend. Nonetheless, always inquire about the solicitor’s availability and review your schedule to ensure you can be available when the solicitor is open.

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5: Can I review past case records?

Seasoned solicitors will provide their success rates in similar cases even if they know they have a reputable standing, which is a tactic that helps build a client’s confidentiality. Nonetheless, an experienced and successful professional will be ready to furnish you with past accomplishments to help put your mind at ease when searching for reliable legal representation.

6: Get recommendations from reliable sources?

You can rely on word of mouth to find a solicitor quickly. However, who are you reaching out to for the recommendations? It should be someone dependable, like family, work colleagues, or close friends who have hired legal counsel. Ask for their thoughts on the services offered, fees, and outcomes of their cases to get some perspective on what to expect from the solicitor.

7: Do not doubt your ‘gut’ instinct

The discussions with your solicitor might take a more personal direction depending on the nature of the legal issues in your case. That is why you best like the person you hire to represent you. It should be a professional with who you can relate with ease and feel comfortable telling some intimate details that are vital (can make or break) your case.

So, listen to and go with your gut instinct if you are uncomfortable with the person you are hiring to represent you. Take the time to assess how they explain the various legal requirements and other elements you will encounter in your case. Also, do they encourage you to ask questions, and they answer them courteously and professionally? People often overlook these areas when hiring a solicitor, yet they are essential in ensuring they find the best professional to fight for them.

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