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9 Blogs Every Marketer Should Subscribe To

Content marketing is one of the basic marketing strategies every marketer should keep an eye on in 2019. With hundreds of blogs run by both global companies, brand design companies and individuals, and ranging from general to more specific ones, identifying the best ones worth your time and read can be a little intimidating. Outlined below are 9 of our favourite blogs – these are worth your time.

  1. Vero
    Vero mainly specialises in email marketing. Email marketing is, however, closely related to social media and content marketing though at another level. Finding interesting and insightful content for your email marketing campaign doesn’t have to be as daunting with this blog. The content here is more valuable and insightful when compared to numerous other similarly-themed blogs.
  2. HubSpot
    With thousands of business owners and marketers (over 300,000) forming the HubSpot Community, there’s no doubt that you can learn a thing or two from this giant. The content here covers social media, SEO, lead generation, content marketing, and analytics. You should be able to find lots of expert and valuable content published in various perspectives by both the HubSpot staff and guest blog writers who post items regularly.
  3. Jim’s Marketing Blog
    Jim is a blog editor and the manager with more than 30 years’ worth of experience in the marketing industry. Jim is dedicated to his blog, with more than 300 pages worth of insightful articles on marketing. One of the best things with subscribing to his blog is that his blogs are insightful, easy to comprehend, and based on facts. You can even get plenty of marketing tips from the blog as well. The tips and insights outlined in his blog are easy to understand and can be integrated with your marketing campaigns and plans.
  4. Content Marketing Institute
    Content Marketing Institute is home to hundreds of articles and blogs delving into content strategy, industry trends, and best blogging practices, all created and published by a variety of seasoned writers. ‘This week in content marketing’ is one of CMI’s main hit series that provides insights and highlights on current events and trending news, all related to content marketing.
  5. CopyBlogger
    CopyBlogger is one of the best one-person blogs with more than 330,000 subscribers. Created in 2006, CopyBlogger covers almost everything from social media marketing, email marketing, and SEO. Subscribers also get access to a free 20-part course on any of these topics. Subscribers also get access to content that can help them attract and even drive traffic to their businesses.
  6. MarketingProfs
    If looking for marketing strategies, tools, online seminars and everything related to online marketing, then MarketingProfs is the go-to blog. The blog provides expert information on a range of marketing aspects from social media tips to industry trends. Use this blog to find tried and effective solutions to most marketing issues.
  7. Hootsuite
    Hootsuite focus mainly focuses on social media and how to gain a social audience. You will find tons of content aimed at helping you adopt a macro approach when using social media to promote your brand and business. If your audience and target customers are on social media, then Hootsuite is the blog to subscribe to.
  8. Business Insider
    Business Insider is one of the most popular blogs today providing a diversity of interesting, informative, and current articles on influential people and marketing ideas. It also has a strong focus on advertisements and especially from industry-leading businesses around the world.
  9. MarketingLand
    MarketingLand is a blog that features breaking news about digital things. It enables you to stay ahead of your competition by enlightening you about the latest trends. Writers here publish the most recent and practical strategies and tips from experts in this field. You can use these tips to grow your company through digital marketing campaigns.
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