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6 Ways that Working as a Nanny Beats an Office Job

Have you ever wondered why nannies are so in love with their jobs? People ask me all of the time how I earn my living and they are interested in hearing how much I love my career working as a nanny and how I cannot imagine doing any other kind of work. There is the business side of things to consider, such as your nanny pension, but after that, the rest is full of benefits.

1. Every Day is Different

In the typical office job, there is a tendency to punch the time clock every time at the same time, sit at the same desk, and perform the same tasks that you did the day before. Every day. There are routines that a nanny follows, but there are also parts of their day that constantly change. One day we might be planning a visit to the zoo for our charges, and then on the next day, we might do crafts indoors on a rainy day. Every day there are new challenges.

2. A Major Perk is a Casual Dress Code

All of us have days when we simply want to not have to get dressed and just wear our pyjamas all day long. I feel like that quite often. As nannies, we do have some flexibility in terms of the clothing choices we can make. There are plenty of days that I have shown up to work my hair tied back in a ponytail and wearing my favourite pair of black yoga pants. Every day can also be casual Friday if that is what you want. During the summer you can wear shorts or jeans all week long. Office jobs require you to dress up in suits or dress pants or skirts with nicely done makeup and hair.

3. You Don’t Have a Boss Hovering Over You

Parents hire a nanny with the utmost trust and confidence that you will do all that you are expected to do throughout your workday. Although it is a lot of responsibility to take on, it takes a great deal of the pressure off as well. Unless you work in a house where the parents are home as well during your workday, you will have room to relax and breathe a bit. That is because you are your very own boss when you work as a nanny.

4. Working as a Nanny Provides You with More Flexibility for Providing for Your Own Childcare

I don’t have this benefit; however, I have many other friends who work as nannies who have the option to take their children to work with them and care for them along with their charges. Not every family is open to this, but some are. Some think it’s a great way for their children to socialise with other children outside of their immediate family. I agree with this.

5. The Pay is Higher Compared to Lower-Level Office Jobs

I don’t want pay to be a major topic of this article. After all, before pay even comes into play, there are many other reasons why I love working as a nanny. However, for many nannies, it is an important factor. Years ago, when I worked in a nursery, I felt underappreciated, underpaid, and overworked. For these reasons, along with others, I decided to move into being a nanny and quit my nursery job. Many of my friends working in office jobs, which include those working for well-known companies, earn only National Minimum Wage. I have the potential to earn much more than that by working as a nanny.

6. Nannies Have Excellent Job Security

Education and childcare will always be career fields that are in high demand. People are going to continue to have children. Although large companies might be laying many employees off, there always will be families in need of a nanny. Although finding a good match might take some time, it is possible. Many of my friends from secondary school went to university and spent thousands of pounds to earn a business degree and are now unemployed. On the other hand, I am loving my nanny career and plan to continue doing so for many years into the future.

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