4 Questions to Ask a Jeweler When Buying Certified Loose Diamonds

Guide: 4 Key Steps To Buying Loose Diamonds Online

As a buyer, you should do your part to be able to pick the best diamond dealer. Best diamond dealers sell high-quality diamonds. So picking the best diamond dealer affects the quality of the diamond you can buy. To help you with check on 8 questions to ask before buying a wholesale diamond plus we’ll be adding more questions to be asked from the jeweler in this article. 

4 Things to Ask Your Jeweler 

What is the Exact Carat Weight of your Diamond?

Most of the carats of the diamond sols are rounded foo. Asking the exact carat weight can help you assess if the price of the diamond is right. Small differences in the carats can have huge differences in prices. So better be familiar with the average pricing of each kind of diamond. 

Can I see Other Gems with the Same Grade as of this Diamond?

Comparing the diamond with gems that have the same grade can help you see more about the diamond. Jewelers who are honest in dealing with their customers would not mind giving in to your request. 

Can we Check the Diamonds under the Lights?

Several light sources can determine the brilliance of the diamonds. So asking your jeweler to do the lighting test can help you check the diamond’s color. Hover to know if the color is right you have to be familiar with the colors of the diamonds. 

Can I see the Certificate?

The certificate can show the exact details of the diamond. You can see the color, carat, cut, and clarity grades. Most diamond certificates are ready to be released once the diamonds are bought. So you can actually check the diamond certificate before buying the diamond.  

What Are Good Questions to Ask About Diamonds?

Better be ready with the questions to ask the jeweler before going to their stores. The 4 questions plus the 8 questions given above can be good enough to ask your jeweler when you visit their stores. 

What to Look for When Buying a Loose Diamond?

Set A Budget 

Setting a budget can make it easier for you to choose within a range. Compared when you have more choices. Plus you can focus more on the available loose diamonds under your budget. 

Choose a Shape

Know the shape that you want to have for your diamond. In that way, you can focus on the shapes that you want and all you need to check is the carat size and other attributes. 

Tips to Choose Certified Loose Diamonds

  • Checking the certification is important since you can determine the authenticity of the diamond. 
  • Be familiar with the 4cs so you will know what to look for in a diamond. 
  • Make a list of the attributes you want for your diamonds. It will be easier to choose one of you to have a diamond in mind. 

Guide to Buying a Diamond

Always check on the 4cs:


The color should be closest to colorless. Colorless diamonds may be pricey and rare, so nearly colorless ones can be a good option. The more colorless the diamond the better. Colorless diamonds are more sparkly and stunning. 


Diamonds without flaws are rare and expensive, so getting a diamond with less flaw can be good enough as long as the flaw is not visible to the naked eye. Flaws in loose diamonds can be easily seen compared with mounted ones already. So copying for loose diamonds can be better to check the clarity better. 


Cut should be excellent to preserve the durability of your diamond. So make sure to deal with jewelry that has skilled diamond cutters. This way you can be assured that your diamond will get an excellent cut. 


Know how many carats weigh you would want. If you will be using it for a gift then base it on the preference of the wearer. Take note that diamonds are priced per carat. 

Knowing the 4 questions to ask a jeweler when buying certified loose diamonds before purchasing one can help you get directed to the best diamond in the store. Be a wise buyer and learn more about diamonds before you go shopping, this way you are equipped with the proper knowledge.