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CFO publishes more than 200 columns from experts, consultants, and finance chiefs of operating companies each year. Of the wealth of advice our authors dispensed during 2020, we assembled some of the best from 10 articles published during the year. These pieces not only struck a chord with readers, but they have also aged well as we enter 2021.

Work-From-Anywhere Future Exposes Holes in Operational Strategy

Businesses need to take a hard look at their corporate strategies and operational structures to make sure they can handle a dispersed work environment.

Three Key Coronavirus-Related Strategic Risks to Consider

While it’s too early to measure the impact the pandemic will have on companies, finance chiefs should be prepared to deal with these risk factors.

5 Common Misconceptions About the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Process

Some perceive Chapter 11 as a fix-all for troubled companies. It’s not.

What COVID-19 Has Revealed About Working Remotely

Use these three insights to improve remote work in the wake of the pandemic.

Finance During the Crisis: Five Lessons from CFOs

Boards and management teams, along with CFOs, now see the importance of an adaptable, agile finance function that operates in near-real-time.

Good Controller/Bad Controller

The “goldilocks” controller has the right mix of skills and interests for your current challenges and the ability to scale the company.

The Growing Importance of Data Democratization

Universal access to data is the key to unlocking the value embedded within organizations.

Technical Accounting: The CFO’s Secret Weapon

A great partnership with accounting will actually help drive and influence financial results (legally, of course).

How to Prepare Your Workplace for Employees to Return

Planning and making good use of the remaining time employees are working from home can get your workplace up and functioning more quickly.

Shining a Light on Earnings Adjustments

Finance will have to make some judgments when trying to present a normalized view of ongoing financial performance.

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